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The old adage goes that a week is a long time in politics. In spread betting, of course, a minute can be a long time with fortunes won or lost in a matter of moments. But the world of politics, both at home and abroad, can provide some of the most fascinating and potentially profitable markets in spread betting. As with all specialty markets, there is the potential for punters to turn the odds in their favour because they may know more than the market-makers.


Intrigue and gossip in the halls of Westminster may often be no more than that, but like all rumour, it often has some basis in truth. And even though the average spread bettor may not have an inside line on the ins and outs of the House of Commons, they may well be able to assess the statistics and comment every bit as well as the firms. In spread betting terms the main British market relates to the number of seats the parties are expected to pick up at the next General Election and this is often traded in running literally years before the event. Nearer the date of the General Election, quotes on the parties’ percentage of the overall vote, particular seats (such as the Prime Minister’s votes against the votes of the leader of the opposition) and various specials come on to the market.


In spread betting terms the main British market relates to the number of seats the parties are expected to pick up at the next General Election and this is often traded in running literally years before the event. Nearer the date of the General Election, quotes on the parties’ percentage of the overall vote, particular seats (such as the Prime Minister’s votes against the votes of the leader of the opposition) and various specials come on to the market.

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While the diet of football, cricket and rugby increasingly seems to be an all-year feast, […]

Know About Car Race


Latest Articles from The Nascar Insiders

Cupra Sim Racing Series, To The Race Tracks This 2020

The CUPRA SimRacing Series will continue in 2020. The participants can show off their skills on the world’s most beautiful race tracks. These 13 routes are part of the virtual challenge.

Nürburgring GP

The Nürburgring is one of the most traditional race tracks in the world. On June 18, 1927, motorsport races were held here for the first time. Major racing series such as Formula 1 and the 24-hour race have made history here. The Grand Prix circuit is 5,148 kilometers long.


The Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari is also one of the most famous racetracks in the world. The course gained notoriety in 1994 due to the accidental deaths of the two Formula 1 drivers Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna. The route length is 4,933 kilometers.

Zandvoort GP

No race track is more beautiful than Circuit Park Zandvoort. The course winds its way through 4,259 kilometers through the dunes of the Netherlands. Various motorsport races have been held here since 1948.

Monza GP

In addition to Imola, the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is another race track in Italy on which the participants of the CUPRA SimRacing Series can measure themselves virtually. The course is located in the Royal Park in Monza and is 5,793 kilometers long.

Red Bull Ring GP

The course in Spielberg has been one of the most popular racetracks in the world since 2011. Formula 1 and the Moto GP are regular guests here. On its 4,318 kilometers, the racetrack has a lot of surprises due to its immense differences in altitude.

Slovakia ring

As the name suggests, the racetrack is located in Slovakia, about 36 kilometers from the capital Bratislava. It was only completed in 2009 and is 5.922 kilometers long.

Hockenheim GP

In addition to the Nürburgring, the Hockenheimring is certainly the most famous race track in Germany. Motor racing has been held here since 1932. It is 4.574 kilometers long and was a regular guest in Formula 1 for many years.

Shanghai GP

The Shanghai International Circuit has been one of the most popular courses in motorsport since 2004. The racetrack is based on the Chinese character shàng and is 5,451 kilometers long.

Dubai GP

The Dubai Autodrome opened in 2004, making it one of the most modern racetracks in the world. It can be used in four different ways. The longest route is 5.377 kilometers long.

Suzuka GP

The 5.807-kilometer circuit in Japan is one of the most demanding racetracks in the world. Many changes of direction and a lot of curves should demand a lot from the participants of the CUPRA SimRacing Series.

Brands Hatch Indy

The Brands Hatch Circuit is one of the oldest racetracks used in the CUPRA SimRacing Series. The course is located southeast of London and is 3,910 kilometers long.

Spa Francorchamps GP

The more than 7 km long route is one of the most legendary courses in racing. The Belgian race track is one of the regular Formula 1 tracks.


The Guia Circuit is driven on the streets of Macau. The distance is over 6 kilometers and is therefore unusually long for a street circuit. The tight course and confusing curves often lead to accidents. A challenge for the drivers of the CUPRA SimRacing Series.

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Racing Bet Types to Familiarize Yourself with

Try asking any seasoned punters regarding flexibility in the world of betting and all would tell you the same thing, it’s paramount to your success. Being flexible with your bets is crucial for long-term probability no matter what platform you are betting on, be it in your favorite online casino such as Mega888 or in a land-based casino or even in sports betting.

It’s funny though that many don’t now its importance in the world of auto racing. Yes it is sure that everyone can easily make a bet on who’ll win in the race or who can grab the championship by the end of the season. But do you have clues that there are actually many other kinds of bets that you can try on auto racing events?

Bet Types to Get Used to

If you are eyeing to bet your money on such events, then it is important that you keep yourself informed about these bet types. Doing so would not just increase your odds of winning but also, it is going to give you better chances to capitalize on your forecasts

If you are ready, then let us get into it bit-by-bit.

To-Win Bet

Before getting into the type of bets, it is essential to be mindful of the most popular auto racing bet, which is called the “to-win bet”. There are times wherein it is also called as “win bet” or “outright win bet”. There are instances where it is just called as “betting on the race”.

Basically, this is the default bet where many people are linked with auto racing bets.

Matchup Bets

As a matter of fact, this is the most favored bet by countless punters. This is the type of bet that allows players to focus on just two competing drivers and therefore, lowering the variance of betting. These bets are sometimes offered in land-based shops but most of the time, it is only for a limited quantity and can be applied on highly anticipated events similar to Daytona 500 and Indy 500.

Pole Position Bets

Yet another well-known bet is referred as the “pole position bet”. As you can guess, this is a bet type on who’ll get the quickest qualifying lap and start first or called also as pole position. This bet is fun for it allows the punters to be in the action on books way before the race begins since the pole position is decided prior to the start of race.

Live Betting and Season Bets in Motorsports

Motorsports are divided into many categories from which the main distinguishing point is the type of vehicle. That’s also what draws the line between a motorcycle race and a car race but apart from that, the speed and the routes differ too. While motorsport categories differ in many ways, betting on motorsports is still the same. For instance. you can mainly place your bet on the winner of each season or you can choose to place your bet on the just the winner of each race, which is the first one to traverse the finish line.

Betting on motorsport races

There is certainly more to motorsport than races. For instance, the teams invest a lot of long and hard work on motor vehicles, and they also need to drive in training prior to being qualified. Nevertheless, the race is generally the most important betting chance that you can think of. By way of solo bets, you may bet not just on the victor, but likewise on pursuing placements from time to time. Obviously there can even be motorsport mix bets, possibly coupled with various kinds of auto racing. Solo bets are placed prior to the race or certification. Occasionally there are bets placed on the speediest lap or something along that line.

Live Betting on Motorsports

A winner concludes the race not just by pushing the accelerator to the limit but also by knowing when to hit on the brake and by using some tactical driving. A lot of things can happen in a race, particularly when overtaking. Breaks to refuel may also result in essential tactics. A race could be very exciting most especially when you witness the race LIVE. Therefore, real-time betting on racing cars cannot be small, they are under very special pressure, and the detailed odds for betting before the game may also be different. Of course, the scope of real-time betting depends on the betting provider, and in some cases will be different.

Season bets

There are two angles in motorsports betting. The first is all about who wins the race in the first place and the other is the season bet where the title is being contested, like, for example, the World Cup. When it comes to betting on racing seasons, for example on Nascar, F1, or Ralley, the majority of betting services have matching quotes.

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Why Bet on NASCAR?

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is the main host for any given auto racing event. It is actually among the most famed and challenging events among all participants. This is why, fans are so hyped up on every event it launches. Racers who are right in the action know the thrill and level of adrenaline it brings to drive in race track. As for the audience though, they get to see a remarkable sight as how racers show their true abilities.

To add to the hype and excitement, NASCAR races could also serve a way for its fans and other participants to generate money as they watch how the events unfold. Basically, it is something similar when using £20 free no deposit casino and think of how you can grow it as you play casino games.

Probably, You never Know about this Until Now

Whenever you heard the words “stock car racing”, for sure the first thing that will come to your mind is that this auto racing event gained millions of followers for it induces a different level of excitement among its viewers. On the other hand, there are numerous enthusiasts who are claiming that the best thing about such races is that, you can actually get something out of it – like real money.

Betting can give stock car racing fans the chance of doubling up the thrill and excitement they feel by watching the races by betting against each other and get cash in return. At the end of the day, who would not feel happy and stoked up after knowing that you have just won a bet?

Races hosted by NASCAR do feature wide range of makes and models of cars that are commercially available and modified to a certain degree, specs of which are regulated closely by the association itself. This becomes something that many are looking forward to as they see display of remarkable cars and to how it performs under extreme conditions.

It’s not actually about the Car

There are several other things that make the events so special of course. For example, an avid fan had testified that the ultimate test to become a driver is the fact that they have to depend on skills and not on the capability of the vehicle being driven. With this being said, the team as a whole and the drivers themselves make sure that they have completed series of training before getting into tracks to secure their success and became victor.

Exploring SBOBET and Other Betting Platform

Are you a sports betting fanatic? Well, if yes, you are very lucky as there are various methods to bet in. This is kinda similar with the types of bets to play on auto racing. Choices are many which include wagering in play or in exchange, and even spread betting.

In this article, we will try to discover the various kinds of betting platforms present in the online gambling industry. Explain below are some important details that will serve as a guide in the sports betting system.

Different Platform of Betting

Check on the following information below and learn the various kinds of sports betting sites.

Fixed Odds

The fixed-odds wagering follows the traditional approach of sports betting. Most bettors, especially the pros, already have a deep understanding of this betting system. Usually, this works by navigating to the online bookmaker website. From there, you have to look for the event that you would like to bet on.

This betting platform is the most popular one most likely on the different online sportsbooks. Moreover, fixed odds also do have several variations based on different sports. A number of gamblers are still using the fixed odds betting system and never attempt to jump to other forms of betting.


Live betting is another name for in-play wagering. However, it is classified as one variation of the fixed odds betting system. But, due to its enormous growth and enough distinction, this betting system is considered as another type of betting platform.

Compared to the first form of betting, the odds in live betting are present right after the beginning of the event and during the entire course. The use of live betting odds is very common in most online sports betting websites. Online sports include tennis, ice hockey, football, cricket, and soccer.

Due to its popularity, live betting has become the number one kind of betting platform even if it’s only available online.

Betting Exchange

This betting platform serves as a trading site for sports events. Yet, fixed odds bets will be placed. Meanwhile, the bookmaker is not present in betting.

Between all players, they received wagers on this platform. This simply means that you are wagering in contrast to other players with an opposite game strategy to you.

Asian Handicap

One great example of this betting platform is VOdds. Generally, bettors received real-time odds. These odds came from Asian bookmakers like SBOBET. In SBOBET, check agen sbobet once you navigate on their site.

Spread Betting

This last variety of betting platform is generally complicated. The level of your correctness or wrongness settles the bets on this platform. That’s why it is really possible to win the stake value more often in just one bet.

Is it Safe to Play a Sports Gambling Online? Why Many People are Afraid


Gambling has become more popular these years because of the internet. Its accessibility gave rise to millions of people who are into betting. There are various kinds of online betting, the most popular is poker online gambling like the Situs Judi Online card game, which is the most popular for the people of Indonesia and has a very great rating. Aside from this, sports gambling is also popular. However, there are still plenty of gamblers who find online gambling risky. For this article, we are going to find out if it is really not that safe to play sports gambling online.

Is it Safe?

Internet sports gambling is not that risky if you avoid potential risks. It’s at last down to YOU to guarantee your own wellbeing.

There’s no denying that gambling on the web for genuine cash includes some hazard. There’s the undeniable danger of losing cash on bets obviously, however that is not what we’re talking about here. We’re discussing the danger of getting ripped off or cheated here and there or even the danger of stumbling into legitimate difficulty. These dangers, among others, are the reason individuals stress over the security of web-based wagering.

Getting Scammed

This is the most widely recognized wellbeing concern we find out about. Bunches of individuals stress that web-based wagering locales can’t be trusted, and we get why. Throughout the years there have been a few wagering destinations liable of a few or the entirety of the following:

Vanishing with client funds.

  • Not respecting winning bets.
  • Not paying withdrawals, or paying exceptionally late.

The way that these things have occurred at all thinks about severely the web-based wagering industry. Destinations shouldn’t be able to rip their clients off or to treat them unjustifiably. it’s not actually amazing that a few people don’t care for wagering on the web for genuine cash.


You should be cautious about confiding in review sites. There are heaps of sites that survey wagering destinations and other betting locales, however, they’re not all 100% legitimate. Some of them get paid to post positive surveys, so you can’t hope to hear fair-minded thoughts. Be particularly careful when each and every audit is by all accounts positive, and all locales get 5 stars or 10/10 appraisals.

Utilize Good Online Safety Practices

We wanted to conclude this article by recommending doing a little more Google searches for safe internet practices. Anything you find is going to be good information. Also, always be cautious and responsible online gambler.

U.S. Sports Betting On Car Racing

US sports betting markets opened the door for betting on Auto Racing

While new sports betting laws are flying through the US, many racing fans in the country are seeing the first opportunity to place bets on car races. Sportsbooks operating in the U.S. are also rushing to add racing events to their offering.

While the situation sounds like a bettor’s dream with new markets, untested opportunities, and interesting props, the industry is still picking the best way to serve gamblers and sportsbooks.


The bet is enabled in authorized states

While legislators are still looking at the legalization of sports betting in California, many wagers can still place their bets on sportsbooks outside the state and enjoy watching their bets win at places like the Rancho Mirage showings. Nonetheless, California would be asked to join other states to allow legal wagers on sports. This could create a profitable industry that is valued at billions of dollars. We can expect serious competition among opponents with gambling interests within the state.

Meanwhile, twelve states in the U.S. fully allow sports betting as of August 2019 – Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Mississippi, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, and Oregon.

A significant number of other states have adopted regulations that are expected to open or are expected to open sports betting markets soon. This list includes Montana, Indiana, Tennessee, and the capital of Washington, DC.

The rules for sports betting vary by state. Some of them have sports betting bets online from anywhere in the state. In other states, the gambler must attend a sportsbook facility when placing a bet.

Residents of states with authorized sports betting are encouraged to consult the guidelines in their jurisdiction before placing a bet.

Popular racing series are the most available

As you would expect, the most viewed race series in the US is the most available bets offered by sportsbooks. NASCAR and IndyCar Series account for a significant portion of domestic betting.

Fans of international Formula 1 and endurance events can also find opportunities in sportsbooks. For example, there are currently opportunities for winning drivers, car brands, and qualifications available in the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix and season championships.

Online betting offers security and convenience

For states with authorized online sports betting, bet transactions can be performed quickly and securely from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Sportsbooks that accept online betting range from established global gambling brands to reliable new entrants, some of whom are instantly recognizable names for race viewers.

FOX Sports, for example, one of the leading racing channels in the US, goes beyond TV distribution. The network partnered with The Stars Group to create the recently released FOX Bet mobile app – online gambling and content platform covering a variety of sports.

NASCAR is at the forefront of US Auto Race betting

NASCAR particularly embraces sports betting in the US as a way to enhance the fan experience. The organization recently partnered with sports data company Genius Sports to strengthen its profile in the emerging gambling industry while also integrating with sportsbooks.

Under the partnership, NASCAR offers sportsbooks real-time racing opportunities, data-driven betting structures, and creative props. This is an approach for NASCAR to understand how fans interact with the brand while placing bets.

NASCAR expects to have live bets accessible before the 2020 season

Car racing betting in the US is, without a doubt, a market in its beginnings but growing at a faster rate.

In Delaware, just over $ 208,000 of the $ 154.8 million in sports bets in the state were spent on auto racing for the period between June 2018 and April 2019.

Still, early adoption gamblers and NASCAR’s push into the country’s sports betting markets prove that there is a viable product here. Impressive figures related to car racing as a part of sportsbook revenues are largely due to lack of consumer awareness.

It will be a while before the general public seizes the gambling opportunities in the race. But it may not be as long as new sportsbooks enter the US at a constant rate.

Recap on Last Season Review on Supercross AMA

As fans and enthusiast starts to countdown on the next year’s new season of Supercross AMA, it is also best to recap last seasons’ happenings.

Undeniably, last season was one of the most successful events of Supercross AMA. it turned out to be what it is expected of them. A huge loud cheer of the fans on the main event ground, speculators and commentators and a lot more racing experts are there to witness it live.

Some people who can’t physically go-live are also tuning into their television broadcast or into  Supercross live streaming in the office or on the road. There’s no denying that people have really loved the outcome of last season that’s why it gives them more reason to watch out for this year’s season.

Things to Watch for

A lot of amazing things happened from last year’s season of AMA Supercross, no wonder it became a real success and somehow satisfied a lot of racing enthusiasts from all parts of the US and even outside the US.

Today, the season trailers excite a lot of racing enthusiasts to book their tickets in advance or update their cable subscription to go Supercross live or reading articles and headlines for updates and new on the new season.

Just like you, a lot of people wanted to make the most out of their spectate. So, here’s a few things you have to watch out for.

Eli Tomac will definitely aim a sure win for the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season. This Kawasaki racer crashed out of the season opener last year and failed to ride the next round. However, as his return for Anaheim, he definitely put the rest of the field with the notice that he is definitely back. 

He also won several awards and medals from previous seasons which makes him a threat to his competitors and a favor to racing fans and enthusiasts. Make sure you know who he is and keeps your eyes on his moves on the tracks.

Types of Bets to Play on Auto Racing

Any experienced punters are well aware of the importance of betting flexibility. This is critical for long-term profitability regardless of the platform whether it is on judi online, land-based casinos etc. and yet, many do not realize that it also exists in auto racing. It is certain that everyone can place a bet on who will be winning the race and who will snatch the championship by season ends. But do you have any ideas as well that there are tons of other bet types you can take advantage of?

Bet Types Familiarization

If you will be betting on auto racing, it is imperative to know these bets because it would not just boost your odds of winning but also, it can give you greater chances on capitalizing on your predictions. Thing is, it has to be used strategically for it can also lower the variance that’s pretty high when it comes to auto racing bets. If you will be betting on the race winners, then you might likely experience long cold streaks for it is literally a difficult pick, especially for races that consists of 20 to 40 or more drivers.

To-Win Bet

Just before we get into the bet types, we have to be certain that everyone’s on the same page with the most sought after bet type in auto racing which is, “to-win bet”. There are instances in which it’s referred as “outright win bet” or “win bet”. Sometimes, this is just called simply as “betting on the race”. Basically, it’s the default bet that most people are associated when it comes to auto racing bets.

Matchup Bets

One of the punter’s favorite bet is the “matchup bet”. This is a kind of bet that lets players to concentrate on only two drivers and thus, lowering the betting variance. These bets are occasionally available in land-based shops but oftentimes come in limited quantity and applicable on highly anticipated racing events such as the Indy 500 and Daytona 500.

If you’re betting online though, then you’ll be given with plenty of other options and see them even on “regular races” too.

Pole Position Bets

Yet another popular type of auto racing bet is called “pole position bet”. As you may guess, this is a form of bet on who will get the fastest qualifying lap and start first or otherwise called as pole position. This type of bet is quite fun for it lets wagers get some of the action on books earlier in the race week since pole position is being decided prior the start of the race and normally, earlier in the week.

Wild Motor Racing In Indonesia Attracts Millions Of Bet

Motor racing is familiar in the ears of the majority of residents. Motorbike racing is both illegal and dangerous. So if you are not into dangerous sports, you’d rather stick to slot Indonesia or rather not bet on anything at all.

Besides all that, racing racers become a place of prestige for other groups. It all comes to one place, the jockey, the workshop, and the owner of the motorcycle race in the eyes of liar racing lovers.

Rusli, a former racing jockey racer in an interview with CNN Indonesia said that participants in the race seek the name. He liked that all jockeys or workshops must have the same mind, that is, to be number one on the streets. Both of a jockey’s racing expertise, as well as mechanical skill, will be at stake when the motorbike is pitted on the track.

What people love about this race is the challenge which boils down to who is the strongest and the best.

If a big name is in hand, a jockey will surely get fame plus get a share of the results of a liar racing bet, whether it’s from the owner of the motorbike or workshop. While on the workshop side, the results of this truth make it increasingly difficult for visitors to modify vehicles.

For the majority of people who enjoy motor racing, it’s not complete if no one wins, a victory must be achieved.

Betting itself, answering the mechanics of Khansa Jaya Motor, Jaya makes it challenging to be curious if it fails to become a champion. If there is a log, not a few doubles the stakes for the sake of big names.

People bet on this motor race for the sake of fun and entertainment and thus no huge bets (but sometimes it comes to a millions that is) really come out of people’s pockets.

Money and Women’s Bets

Wild racing itself is not free from gambling. Starting from thousands, until reaching millions of rupiah is usually at stake for one match.

“The bets depend, the nominal is not the same. If we start from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 10 million,” said a former racing jockey racer from Kembangan, West Jakarta, Uta.

Uta explained that money, women, and motorbikes that were contested could be used as betting items.

“In the past, I once bet a motorcycle, fortunately, it did not happen. The fear is if you lose or even end the log,” lid Uta, who is now a mechanic at the RZM Motor racing workshop.

Wild motor racing could be so much fun but with the bets involved, the government should have an eye to regulate such games. The race is dangerous and it could take lives that the summation of all bets alone will not be able to bring back.

How to Win Online Casino Easily: Agen Bola

Have you heard the trending online casino game that is making rounds online?

There are a lot of people online who find interest in playing online gamblings and participating in an online casino with a real casino experience, winning real cash jackpot and prizes.

One may wonder how possible it is to beat an online casino game. Online casinos are actually beatable, and it is not even hard to do it even if you are not an expert. However, winning won’t come easy too. You must have to be disciplined and you gotta keep your head unto the game.

In an online casino or even at physical casinos, players’ focus must be on the game and on its rival. Today, I will enumerate some tips and tricks on how you can win and online casino game, such as Agen Bola and many more.

Winning Won’t Come Easy

One mistake most beginners make is that they believe that winning comes easy at online casinos or online gambling compared to an actual casino.

Actually, no. Winning doesn’t come easy. You will be competing with a lot of people across the world who are beginners, average, and experts. Unlike a physical casino, you won’t be able to see their moves and analyze their strengths and weakness, which at times can be an advantage at reading rivals.

Tips and Tricks

  • – Start by checking if the game is playing hot or cold. If it isn’t available online, you may choose to contact the customer service assistant provided on the website.
  • – Find out the return-to-player percentage (RTP%).
    – Familiarize how each game works. Getting to know how to get bonus features and bet limits.
  • – You can play a demo to familiarize the game.
  • – Another way to learn game features is through using bonus money the casino provides you with. This converts your winnings into real cash.
  • – Always vary your bet size. 
  • – When it seems like you’re losing more than you are winning, it is best to lower your bet.
    – Always take the time to budget your bankroll.
    – Aside from determining how much money you have to play with, you can also set aside a time limit.
  • – Playing unlimited hours won’t leave you time to calculate your losses.
    Prepare your environment both mentally and physically. Avoid unnecessary distractions that might cause disturbance and lose your focus.