The Most Popular Online Games Include GTA Wild Car Races

Online games are no longer just played on the computer! The modern smartphone is in no way inferior to the high-performance game console in terms of gaming fun and so many game manufacturers also offer an app for the phone. The fun can continue with the favorite game on the go and dispels the boredom on the bus trip through the city as well as all sorts of waiting times. We take a look at the most popular online games this year for console, PC and smartphone as well as tablet PCs.

Online casinos are a hit with gaming fans

There is a wide range of legal games of chance on the Internet. Some providers of online bets and online casinos have already translated the security technology for Android and Apple smartphones so that you can now gamble for real money on vacation or on the go.

Play poker online, thanks to the extensive bonuses that many online casinos offer to new players, it can quickly be worthwhile to take a seat at the virtual gaming table and try your luck with casino games without risk. A detailed experience report shows how easy it can sometimes be to win in an online casino and which exciting games of chance await game fans.

In addition to blackjack, poker, and slot games, modern online casinos have much more to offer and it is not always necessary to play real money! That is certainly the reason why so many people in Germany like to use the online casino offers in 2020 as well.


The most popular console game 2019: Grand Theft Auto lets the classic game steal the show

At the top of the console games, the shopping list was 2019 Tetris, the popular puzzle game from the 1990s. It was invented by a Japanese company on behalf of the console giant Nintendo. Even after a quarter of a century on the market, the hype surrounding Tetris has not stopped: with 176 million copies sold, the console game is number one on the sales charts, while Grand Theft Auto comes in third place with 110 million sales.

Besides wild car races and nerve-wracking hunts with the police, GTA offers a lot of illegal activities and criminal acts in the game. Although it is extremely popular among young people, it has been given the FSK 18 rating in Germany. In addition to the hard action scenes, the protagonists come with coarse language and all sorts of dirty words. GTA 5 is available for many different consoles and costs less than 15 euros as an online version – i.e. without a physical storage medium. Gamers are already looking forward to the new version GTA 6, which should appear this year after a message in the game.

PC fun: Minecraft tops the list of most popular games

With 170 million copies sold, Minecraft is ranked number 2 of the most popular games of the year in 2019. There is currently no online game for the computer that has been sold more often than Minecraft. Small and large players are fascinated by the colorful world of blocks, which can be set up and played at will. Minecraft also offers children and adolescents a first insight into programming, which can be learned in a playful manner using various elements in the game. Minecraft can also be played online with friends or like-minded people from all over the world on servers. Minecraft is available for less than 10 euros in 2019, if you want to start your own Minecraft server, you will need around 50 euros per month to publish your own offer smoothly for many players on the Internet.

Supercell creates the most popular smartphone apps against boredom

Supercell has several games that are very popular with teenagers and adults. Clash of Clans is the Finnish company’s first prank, followed by Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and the 2019 trend game: Brawl Stars. Worldwide, the Supercell Finns have built up a solid fan base over the years, now there are even live broadcasts of Clash Royale tournaments on sports television. Supercell is one of the most economically profitable companies from Helsinki, the birthplace of amusing mobile games. Last but not least, Supercell fans are enthusiastic about the cute, funny animated characters that can be found in several games. In terms of gameplay, all Supercell games are unique and address different skills of the players. All Supercell games can be played absolutely free of charge, but by using real money, players can buy various advantages and bonuses in the game.