The Growing Popularity of Poker in Asia


Some nations have legalized and regulated poker gambling. There are others weighing the advantages and disadvantages of doing exactly the same.

Asia is developing the tendency of seeing poker as something greater than “gambling.” Asian nations like South Korea, Philippines, and Macau have a growing number of major live poker tournaments held. Lawmakers in Japan and Taiwan have pointed out the advantages of hosting live poker tournaments.
Things are looking positive in Asia. You can expect a WPT Tokyo, a WSOP Orient, or even an APPT Taipei creating an appearance in the upcoming few decades.
Poker tournaments are not allowed in Asia before. Unless the authorities of nations like Taiwan and Japan create a movement in this way. The chances of poker tournaments depend on the government. Learning that poker could boost state earnings in a great way could change the legal restrictions.
Poker can flourish in East Asia as states like South Korea and Japan have many people. The total population of those 3 nations is over 200 million. While the Philippines has less than 95 million individuals.
China alone has a massive population of about 1.34 billion. Poker can be a success in these nations, especially with China’s massive population. Differences between nations could also interfere with the development of a poker business.

The largest states are usually developed. This suggests that individuals would create a taste for poker. Some Asians would not think twice about making a career as there is a range of poker experts in East Asia.
Naoya Kihara of Japan has proven to be the very first Japanese poker player to win a WSOP gold necklace. While Yoshitaka Okawa became the winner of the recent Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event.
Nations have the capacity to become outstanding poker hosts due to their conveniences. There are a few ways people go into Seoul, Tokyo, and Taipei. And there are direct flights from Australia, Europe, North America. That is why these nations are accessible to players from various areas of the planet. In short, people from other nations can enjoy playing poker.
Not to mention, online betting is getting more and more trendy. In Indonesia alone, for example, IDN Poker is one of the most popular online betting games. Betting online has its perks. Players from different parts of the globe can now enjoy playing poker anywhere.
All these contribute to the growing pool of Asians getting hooked to this industry.