NASCAR Betting – A Few Terms And Betting Lines

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NASCAR Betting

Nowadays, there are a lot of gambling and betting opportunities, from poke, slots, and sports betting. While many prefer these, others opt to bet on car racing such as NASCAR. However, betting on NASCAR could be an unnerving task particularly for individuals who are betting on the car racing sport for the first time. You may even lose a huge amount of money instantly if you merely choose a winner for every race. There are actually more betting opportunities and more ways for you win.

Before we move to that, let’s have a look at some of the key NASCAR betting terms that you should know:

  • FAVORITE. This term is used in other sports as well. The favorite is the driver that has the biggest likelihood of winning the race.
  • CHALK. This pertains to a heavy favorite.
  • FUTURE BETTING. If you prefer a long-term wager, you could select a driver, your favorite, at the start of the season who you believe will succeed the NASCAR Cup Series championship. You could still put the wager during the season since as the years continue, the odds are adjusted.

Now, let’s have a look at the betting lines in NASCAR:

  • PICK A WINNER. As the term suggests, you choose a driver who you believe will win the race. In other sports, this is called the moneyline bet. There are actually tools you could use to make an informed decision when placing this bet. If you win this wager, you could win a very substantial amount of money. However, this bet isn’t that easy as it sounds.
  • CHOOSE A DRIVER WHO WILL BE IN THE TOP 3. If there is a driver that you favor but aren’t sure of him winning the race, you could wager on your driver being in the Top 3. Although this won’t pay off as much as the betting on an outright win, this could still be a profitable betting option.
  • MATCH UP BETTING. In major car races, this is betting on a driver against another vs. driver (driver vs. driver). Basically, you choose two drivers and wager on which driver will end up winning higher.
  • PROPS. This is typically for major car races. You could bet on which car manufacturer of the winning driver uses, wager on the Over/Under of the winning driver’s car number, or even the Over/Under on the number of caution flags will emerge during a race.