Virtual Racing Game, Sim Racing, & eSports

Almost every racing game has a competitive component, but there are only a handful of games that focus on eSports, as online gaming at a competitive level is also called. However, not everything fits the wishes of the sim racers. Why is one game suitable for high-level sim racing and the other not?

F1 2019 is child’s play

Actually, F1 2019, the official Formula 1 game that comes out every year, is not really worth sim racing. It’s not really arcade, but the term simulation doesn’t fit the game either. Yet Formula 1 itself is committed to the competitive aspect of the game. For example, there has been an official Formula 1 eSports competition that is held by Liberty Media for a number of years and, now that no real competitions are held, the F1 organizes virtual races.

As mentioned, F1 2019 is not really a suitable sim racing game. The game can certainly be tough, but the driving behavior of the cars does not come close to how a Formula 1 car behaves in any field or road. This is also why Verstappen does not participate in the Virtual GPs of Formula 1 itself. The game is therefore quite easy to play with a regular Xbox or PlayStation controller, while this is actually a no-go in sim racing.

As a player, you can determine how difficult F1 2019 is. You can turn on tools such as traction control, the virtual racing line, and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), but then the fun is over quickly. Most players who want to get a little serious racing to turn off all aids and drive a racing wheel. The latter is recommended anyway since you have more control over your car than when you play with a controller.

F1 2019 is therefore especially suitable as an entry-level game for when you want to seriously risk sim racing in the long run. Driving your car is certainly not easy without tools, but if you want a real simulation, you better try a different racing game. F1 2019 is the only racing game that includes all official cars, drivers, and circuits from Formula 1. The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

rFactor 2 offers more challenge

There is also a lot of online racing in rFactor 2. Compared to F1 2019, the game released in 2013 is extremely realistic. rFactor 2 is therefore praised for its advanced and accurate representation of how (racing) cars behave. Some Formula 1 teams, therefore, use the game’s software in their own simulators.

rFactor 2 simulates the driving behavior of all kinds of cars in a very realistic representation. Don’t dare go straight to the full throttle in a Formula car, because in no time you’ll be pointing the nose of your car in the wrong direction. The adjustment options of your cars are extremely extensive in the game and they have a major influence on the performance on the asphalt. If one thing is wrong with your set-up, you will lose tenths or even seconds on your competitors.

It is therefore advisable to play rFactor 2 in a serious simrace setting. Not with a controller, but with a racing wheel and accompanying pedals. Only then will the game really come into its own.

In rFactor 2 you can race in many racing classes. Think of formula racing, GT classes, and touring car racing. The creators of the game do not have official Formula 1 licenses, but you can add them to the game through player-created mods. Well-known sim racers like Jimmy Broadbent regularly play rFactor 2, which is only available on PC.

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