Betting on NASCAR Motorsport in the USA

When betting on motorsport, most people in the United States think of Formula 1. Nevertheless, there are still some very interesting events that can be bet on. For example, Indycar and NASCAR. The latter in particular is a good option for exciting bets.

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While fans of the open-wheelers, i.e. the cars in which the wheels protrude openly from the body, are better advised with Indycar, NASCAR has some racing series in their bags that are summarized under the umbrella term NASCAR. NASCAR basically refers to the US stock car races, which are mainly known here for their oval races which only corresponds to part of the truth. In the United States, you can follow the NASCAR Sprint Cup, which owes its name to the main sponsor Sprint, a US company. There are also NASCAR truck races, to cite another example.

Betting on NASCAR – what to consider

Before we deal with the range of bets, a few special features must be mentioned when betting on NASCAR.

On the one hand, there is the prejudice that drivers only drive in the oval. This has not been true for a long time. In fact, over half of the season’s races are oval races, but they are fundamentally different in their nature, but there are also some races on quite demanding street circuits and cult tracks, such as Brands Hatch. However, there is something to the prejudice that American drivers can only drive in circles. When betting on NASCAR you should always be aware that the balance of power within and outside of the oval races differs significantly. Some drivers get along better with regular courses, which are similar to those in Europe, than other colleagues. Anyone who knows something about this, and especially in the run-up to the first races of the season. Knowing about the sport can give you a good chance of benefiting from very good odds with an outsider tip.

Cautions, i.e. phases with a yellow flag that make the race more exciting again, are far more common at NASCAR than is the case in Europe. The high-speed races in the oval are often interrupted when only a few tiny carbon parts are on the track. A puncture would be too dangerous if it only happened because of this. There are also cautions that are more or less admitted by NASCAR but apparently make the race exciting again. If you follow your own bets on NASCAR via television, you cannot relax and switch off at any time just because your driver is half a lap in the lead.

Betting on NASCAR

Motorsport betting as a whole can be very predictable. However, betting on NASCAR is the most notable exception because of the tension the race offer.

However, if you prefer a more secure bet, Formula 1 is the best choice to bet on because of its predictability. For fans of US sports, NASCAR bets are currently the best options in the field of motorsport. Other classes, such as Indycar, are treated far lower by bookmakers.

Newcomers to this extremely exciting sport are advised to follow a few races and to familiarize themselves with the rules, which differ significantly from European racing series before they dare to make the first tip. This avoids unnecessary losses at the start of NASCAR betting.