Strange Auto Racing Events You’d Never Knew Existed

It may not always be in the mainstream media but car racing is a real and serious sport. There are big reputation and big prizes that are at stake. Well not to mention, it’s quite dangerous and thrilling as well for the driver’s life is what at stake. After all, who can easily endure 24-hour racing while driving at high speeds?

While majority of the auto racing are pure adrenaline and serious, there are some that are strange and unusual. You’d probably be surprised to know that there are races that are allowing drivers to make stops at brewpubs. That’s just among the many strange auto racing events you’ll discover in this article. While it is rare to make bets on such sports and take advantage on your free spins no deposit starburst, it can at least expand your horizon on where to wager your money.

Red Bull Soapbox Race

Do you still recall the Soap Box Derby? Perhaps when you were a kid, you liked to be behind the wheel and drive it. While few early vehicles at what is now called as All-American Soap Box Derby might have been made from actual soapboxes, what matters most is that it uses standard wheels and propelled by gravity. Else, the participants can just build any type of engineless vehicle they wished to and race it down the hill for the prize.

Carpocalypse Ambulance Chain Race

The Carpocalypse was inspired by the game Test Drive: Eve of Destruction and was aired in Spike-TV. The auto racing event was actually a smorgasbord of bizarre auto racing ideas ranging from blindfolded trailer race to school bus figure-8 race.

But what does a “chain race” means? Simply speaking, this is a kind of race that is between cars towing other cars behind them while being attached to chains. But why would someone want to race with somebody chained behind them? This is for the straightforward reason that they can.

The California Melee

Mille Miglia was actually an Italian endurance event that had roots back in the days, approximately pre and post World War II. Cars during these times were not expected to be fast. Rather, they are expected to endure the long haul, travel for 16 hours or even more on an open road that was about a thousand miles in length.

Regarding the California Melee though, it got its inspiration from the Mille Miglia. Cars run throughout the California Mille wind across the CA wine country and pause for regulation stops at wineries and resort hotels.