Car Racing: Importance of flags in Formula 1

Various flags are used in the Formula 1 races and in the training sessions of the premier class.

Each stands for a signal from the race management to the pilots on the track.

You can check and see the games offered while learning the importance of flags in Formula 1.

Checkered flag

Since the 2019 season, the meaning of this flag is only symbolic. “The official sign at the end of the race is a checkered light signal, although the checkered flag will still be shown,” announced the FIA. This ended a more than a 100-year-old tradition in the premier class of motorsport.

Yellow: caution danger

If there is a yellow flag, overtaking is not allowed in the race. If the flag is waved, the drivers are not allowed to set the fastest time in the sector in the race or in practice. They also have to visibly slow down.

Red: abort

The race or training is canceled. During the training sessions, the vehicles have to return to the pit. In the race, they have to start on the grid.

Green flag: danger over

The track has been released for regular racing again. All sources of danger or interference have been eliminated.

Red-yellow: danger of slipping

This flag is shown when a car is leaking oil or fluid that creates a slip hazard. If it only rains heavily in one area of ​​the track, it will also be shown here.

White flag: Slow vehicle on the route

If a car is moving very slowly due to an accident or a technical defect, the white flag is waved as a warning signal.

Blue Flag: overhauled vehicle

Vehicles lapped the blue flag get shown. You have three corners to let the car go by behind you.

White-black flag

Is shown as the last warning in the event of a rule violation. Another offense threatens disqualification. At the Belgium GP 2019, the flag was used for the first time in nine and a half years, Pierre Gasly was the victim.

Black, orange circle

The distinctive flag is displayed together with the start number. The driver’s car poses an imminent danger; he must head for the pit immediately.

Black flag

Disqualification! If the black flag is displayed together with a pilot’s start number, the race is over for that pilot. He has to park the car in the pits within one lap.