Betting on NASCAR iRacing | Slots Online Spiked

Poker, Roulette, and Slots Online Players had Spiked

With the turn of events in 2020 due to the corona crisis, many sports events had been forced to halt. And while they do, online casinos suddenly spiked up with unexpected number of players from all over the world. Slot online, poker, and roulette had become a favorite for the time being. Sports betting had been temporarily stopped alongside the cancellation of many sports events.

iRacing in Lieu of Auto racing on tracks

With Formula 1 exploring digital racing in 2018, and with health crisis forcing the sports business into halt in 2020, the auto racing industry has now entered iRacing officially this year.  This means that somehow auto racing is back not on the tracks but on the virtual arena.

While many sports enthusiasts debate on whether this is a real sport, what seems to be important right now is that NASCAR and Formula 1 are surviving past economic crisis.

NASCAR iRacing approved in New Jersey and Nevada

Betting activities on NASCAR iRacing has recently been approved by the New Jersey and the Nevada gaming regulators. Many sportsbook and agents  are truly affected by this unexpected phenomena (corona crisis), they somehow saw some light with the approval of NASCAR iRacing in Nevada and New Jersey.

Betting activities had been limited to the eNASCAR iRacing Pro of 2020 which involves actual professional racers of NASCAR. This is totally different from the eNASCAR CoCa Cola Series which involves simulation racers. Both racing series involves competing racers racing in their own homes using racing simulators which were set up on the iRacing platform.

iRacing, bridging the content gap in auto racing

The pro series of iRacing helped bridge the gap in line with the shutdown of major sports due to the health crisis brought on by the coronavirus.

News reports noted that the Bristol iRacing competition became the third most watched sports event across the United States. It has gathered over 1.1M viewers on FS1 and Fox channel.

NASCAR iRacing, not a standard sport

While gambling authorities in Nevada and New Jersey has approved of betting on NASCAR iRacing series, not one of the states categorize iRacing as a standard sport.

In this light, the gaming control board of the state said that betting on NASCAR iRacing had been permitted following rules under the category of “other events.” Bets on iRacing falls under the regulation that governs esports betting for Counter Strike.

NASCAR iRacing categorized as eSports

The NASCAR iRacing series falls under the category of eSports thus following the regulations that governs betting on eSports in New Jersey.

The authorities are working with the current situation given the pandemic. But they still hoped that NASCAR series will go live soon.