Betting Odds in NASCAR

If you think that online casino sites like 토토사이트 are the only form of gambling and entertainment that Americans enjoy, you’re wrong! Betting on car racing such as NASCAR is also a quite popular activity. This is true particularly in the southern states of the country. Pre-pandemic, there’s a racing event taken place every weekend which is joined by thousands of fans.

Fans are then placing their bet on whom they think will come up victorious and of course, the possibility to win some money.

Reading NASCAR Odds

With regards to betting in NASCAR, the favorite almost always have a plus (+) sign next to its odds. In some other sports, favorites are usually indicated with a minus (-) sign next to their odds. If the favorite has a minus sign like -120, then you need to bet that figure in order to win 100 dollars. On the other hand, if the favorite happens to have a plus sign such as +120, then you can profit that amount by simply betting 100 dollars.

The reason for this betting value in NASCAR is, there are numerous unknowns throughout a race like mechanical failure, accident or even a simple mistake on the pit road that can derail the chance of the driver to win.

Futures Betting

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Say that you are shooting for long-term bets, you can do a futures bet. This is where you pick a driver who will win the tournament at the end of the season. In most cases, futures bet provides far better value compared to weekly bets because there’s more volatility throughout a season.

At the same time, futures odd might have little fluctuations during the season as one race is not enough in derailing the entire season until the start of playoffs. Then of course, there are the bigger swings as drivers are eliminated from the competition. Having said that, with big odds changes during the season, you might have the chance to hedge your bet in getting higher chances of winning bigger profits.

Place Betting and Outright Winner

Compared to futures bet in which you need to wait for an entire season to finish before collecting your winnings, every week you can make a bet on which driver is going to win the race. Not only that, there are plenty of bookmakers who will let you be more conservative and pick whether a driver would finish in range like top 5, top 3 or other variations.