A Brief Introduction to the World of Racing

Car racing is indeed a spectacle. It is somehow the combination of two worlds, sport and the latest technological advancements. Also, racing is more than driving fast cars on race tracks. If you want to know more about the culture of this sport and perhaps, place some bets after you performed 먹튀검증, then you are in for a ride!

How Far can You Go?

From the 1/4 drag races that only last for few seconds all the way to endurance races that could last for 24 hours, there are so much variety for racing. In reality, there are many other racing platforms out there on both amateur and professional levels.

FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC)

This is a type of endurance racing. Speed is still important however, both the cars and the drivers need to survive long excruciating hours in all kinds of weather and at times, darkness. The FIA WEC features some of the toughest races of them all, this is none other than the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Aside from the race itself, it is a technological marvel too with the high-tech hybrids machines that are racing for victory and proving their performance and efficiency.

The Cars that are Driven in the Race

As for the cars driven, rest assured that you’d find something really unique as most are classified as “prototypes” or purpose-built vehicles. This is indeed nothing in comparison to the regular production cars. Since these are prototypes vehicles, it is common that they have a hybrid powertrain in an effort to recover more energy and to provide a temporary power boost. Vehicles from Porsche, Toyota and Audi are quite different in design too. Each brand is pushing the limits of technologies in its own method.

FIA Formula One World Championship

F1 is known as the most prestigious and renowned form of car racing all over the world. Cars in F1 are open-wheeled and are designed specifically to deliver sheer performance in the track. It is normal to see these cars hitting speeds of over 200mph when it is on track.

No amount of money can match what the best teams have. The entire series even visits locations that are blessed with ungodly wealth like Abu Dhabi and Monaco.

In FIA F1 World Championship, the rules are strict and it covers the car design. The current formula used was developed in 2014 which was based on a hybrid power unit that consists of 1.4-liter turbocharged V6 engine with an electric assist to generate power from kinetic energy.