6 Reasons Why F1 is the Best

F1 is indeed a difficult sport that even diehard fans are having some challenges to follow until a team become victorious. If you’re a fan of other sports like soccer, hockey, football, baseball, basketball or perhaps, some casino games like 바카라, video poker and so forth, it is fairly easy to become a fan. But with F1, it just takes it on a whole new level. Want to know why? Then you better keep reading…

It’s the Biggest, Fastest and BEST!

First things first, it is bluntly shown on the name of the sport, F1. It is the number one, the top of the line. It is the fastest form of motorsport that is known to man. It is at the very top of any motorsport tree. And whether you like it or not, almost every racing driver is dreaming to be part of an F1 team, drive an F1 car and compete in an F1 race.

Rich History

There is no motorsport that can boast the rich traditions of the racing giants both in terms of teams and drivers. Just picture the epic and iconic races that made F1s backstory such as:

  • Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux at Dijon in ’79
  • Prost/Senna battles at Suzuka in ’89 and;
  • Senna working miracles at Donington in the wet in ’93

These are only a few of the most remembered and celebrated races in F1 history.

Pure Talent and Rivalries

Indeed, there are many other attractions that F1 can offer. But arguable, F1 has never been stronger in terms of its raw driver talent. As a matter of fact, there isn’t a single driver on the trick who isn’t deserving of a seat in F1.


F1 race tracks are placed all over the world from Singapore, Montreal, Silverstone, Suzuka, Monza, Spa and Monaco to name a few.

Each and every single one of these tracks are guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat as you watch the drivers drive through each turn.

The Race is really Good

Among the most common criticism focused on F1 is the fact that there is not enough overtaking. But if you will really look at it, the overtake in F1 is comparable to a goal in football. It is a significant, historical and impactful event that you do not even expect.

Engineering Prowess

All teams in F1 has an engineering powerhouse. These people are pushing their car to the limit making the race at lot more exciting.