Tube engines, lots of power and sporty design – a sports car promises pure driving pleasure. It does not necessarily have to be expensive and impractical. Read here how to find a model that is affordable and fits you.



A sports car is a status symbol. It stands for money, power and success. Impress the ladies world or amaze your friends. For this pleasure, you don’t necessarily have to reach deep into your pocket. Well-preserved sports cars get you used far below the new price.

To do this, it is best to compare the offers on the Internet. In numerous portals you can search specifically for your dream car. Even finishes such as leather seats, aluminum rims and xenon headlights are affordable. For example, models such as the Audi TT Roadster or a Mercedes SLK cost only 15,000 euros – and that with less than 80,000 kilometers driven.


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A sports car promises great driving pleasure. In a few moments, you’ll chase the engine into the high speed range and accelerate from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour. You feel the tingling in the belly and let yourself be pushed into the seat. But also think about safety – especially at high speeds, this is vital for survival.

For your future sports car, make sure that it is equipped with the most important safety systems such as an electronic stability program (ESP). The ESP ensures that individual wheels are braked in a targeted manner and your vehicle cannot break out. This way you stay in the track even on slippery or smooth surfaces.

Sports car models, which are driven by both the front and rear axles, are considered particularly safe. The four-wheel drive gives the vehicle a grip even on icy and snowy roads. Your sports car is therefore suitable for winter in any case.



If you are going on a winter holiday with your sports car, it should also be practical. The size of the trunk is an advantage – just like the Jaguar F-Type. With a storage space of almost 200 liters, you have space for two large suitcases. If you would like to take your skis on tour, you decide on a vehicle with a load. A ski bag protects noble leather seats from scratches.

If you have children, your sports car should be ready for everyday use and also suitable for children. Look for a four-seat vehicle like the Maserati Gran Cabrio. Conveniently and safely, you can accommodate the child seats in the back seat. Also check if for daily use changing bag or shopping bags fit in the trunk.



Before you buy a sports car, you should have the vehicle examined by an independent institution. Make sure that the checkbook is complete and that the service intervals are not overstated. In the case of a mid-range car, an excessive oil change interval is basically no problem. In the case of sports cars, however, a change of oil that has not taken place in an early time can quickly lead to a significantly increased wear and tear. Be meticulous rather than indulgent when studying the service booklet and be a perfectionist like Patrick Dempsey.

If you want to buy a used sports car, it is also important to note that the follow-up costs are sometimes much higher than with ordinary models. An inspection can exceed the limit of thousands, even if the vehicle is in perfect condition and no parts need to be replaced. If you include these follow-up costs in your bill and keep your eyes open when you buy them, nothing stands in the way of an undisturbed sports car experience like Patrick Dempsey’s.