The types of auto racing

It is possible to categorize the types of automobile races according to the kinds of track on which the competitions take place, according to the specifics of the racing technique and sporting regulations, etc. Thus, car racing needs to follow certain rules just like situs judi online.

Some types of motorsports

NASCAR – Touring Car Race in the United States.

Formula 1 car racing on open-wheeled cars with a 2.4-liter engine.  This type of car is considered mistakenly to be the fastest racing cars. Even though the maximum is 350 km/h and the average speed exceeds 250 km/h in some stages, there are also faster classes. The strengths of this class are efficient brakes and aerodynamics. Formula 1 is the most expensive of all car racing classes. The budgets of the leading teams run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

The DTM is the German Touring Car Championship.

Champ Car – This is an American open-wheel car race.

A1 Grand Prix – this is a monoclass in contrast to Formula 1: only one car of one brand is allowed. Developed for lower financial costs for teams, shorter racing times and more entertainment than in Formula 1.

Formula Rus – Russian class racing car racing on Formula RUS racing cars. This is a monoclass: only one car of one brand is allowed. In contrast to many other mono classes, the maintenance and repair of cars in the Formula Rus championship is only carried out by the organizer. All pilots have identical settings for the race.


Competitions are on open tracks and on off-road and public roads oftentimes. This type includes, for instance, the World Classic Rally Championship and a variety of rally raids. Cars are produced individually, the winner is the one who covers the distance in less time. In Ukraine, the Club Rally Cup is the most popular competition.

The vehicle has not been approved by the road, so it can only move on closed sections of road or treadmills. This car is a real white crow, only 5 copies built. The car is stylistically characterized by a large air intake to the engine, a double diffuser on the back and black and orange paintwork.