Betting Options on Motorsport


What betting options do you have when betting on motorsport?

Today, you can play online wherever you are. Dozens of sports are available for betting, including lesser-known sports. For example, you can bet on esports, ski jumping, pokerace, and even the US presidential election. Motorsport is also part of that range. Formula 1 betting is best known because it is by far the most popular motorsport in the world. If you want to bet on a Formula One race, it may be helpful to carefully consider your betting options first.



Beginners must bet on the winner of the race. It’s the easiest bet, but you can still make a fair amount of money with it. Often it is unlikely that you will get a favorite. Of course, if world champion Lewis Hamilton crosses the finish line first, the profits will be less. However, there are many drivers who can surprise you with a much higher chance of winning. Many things can happen during an F1 race, including technical issues and accidents. Therefore, surprises are not unthinkable.

The weaker can also perform stunts on the podium. In that case, betting on the top 3 might be an option. The driver does not have to win, but only finishes in the best three. You can also cash in a lot that way by betting on an outsider.



You can also look up the tension by betting on a `matchup’. The bet then consists of two drivers and you have to predict which driver will cross the finish line first. For example, there could be a match between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The odds of winning are pretty high and you don’t have to look at the rest of the field. Be sure to check the statistics in advance. For example, some drivers excel on one truck, while others benefit greatly from the rain. It is also wise to follow free practice sessions and qualify carefully.


Qualifying Bet

You can also bet online on a qualifying match before the F1 race begins. In qualifying, the driver needs to set a good time. This allows the driver to force a good start position in the actual race. The good thing about betting on qualifying is that there are more surprises. Outsiders can simply set the best time and trigger stunts. The odds are usually a bit high and sudden qualifying is incredibly exciting.