2011 06 24 Knaus Pit Crew Plan Not Working

In contrast a professional who is down on his game can find it ever so hard to refind his touch and start competing strongly. Maybe it is the mind playing tricks during long hours on the course and practice ground but, once the downward spiral starts, it is tough to break out. Any discussion of golf over the past few years has at some point to turn to the Tiger factor. His record speaks for itself and there is no need to labour the point here; suffice to say that he still stands head and shoulders over the rest of the golfing world. What is more interesting is his effect on the golf betting market.


When Tiger is playing, the betting odds have an artificially lopsided nature, where he will start 2-1 favourite and the rest of the field are 16-1 and upwards. The result is that many world-class players are available at very good odds. This is also true on the spreads.


On a championship index, Woods will usually have an opening quote so high that he has to come in the top two for buyers to profit. On a 60–40–30–25–20–15–10–5 index for the top eight positions, Woods may be quoted at 30– 33—a high price to pay in anyone’s book. But the effect is that when you think Tiger is rusty or not on his game or the course is not ideal for him, there is value backing against him.