2011 05 23 Raikkonen In Too Big Of A Hurry

Betting between rounds in a tournament offers opportunities which straight fixed-odds betting cannot compete with. One of the ploys for a quick profit is to follow early starters in a competition. Golfers who have early tee-off times in the first and second rounds have the advantage of being more alert and being able to ‘get on with it’ rather than being forced to wait several hours.


They will also enjoy fresh greens before they have been trampled on by a hundred or so players and their caddies. They are also likely to have the best of the weather conditions since the tendency, particularly on links and coastal courses, is for the worst of the wind and rain to come in the afternoons. Again, concentrating on players in good recent form, the option is there to back an early starter. One way could be to sell a player’s finishing position for the whole tournament, with a view to possibly buying it back after the first round.


For instance, an early starter with an opening finishing position quote of 27–30 who has a good first round may come down to a quote of 17–20. This means we could sell at 27 before the first round and buy back at 20 for a seven-point profit. Alternatively, if a player you have in mind to do well has a late start time in the first round, consider delaying your bet for 24 hours in the hope that the quote has moved to your advantage.