Not Every Crew Guy Is Making $100K A Year

Although that would be really nice, it just isn’t true.  There was a piece written by Dustin Long that came out on Monday that revealed some numbers about a specific crew member’s pay.  And while numbers like these are a reality for some, it certainly isn’t the standard.

Former Roush Fenway Racing employee Jason Myers is suing RFR over his termination in early 2009, and as part of the court documents filed, details about his compensation were revealed.  Myers was at one time the car chief on Carl Edwards #99 Cup car.  According to the information obtained by Long, Myers could have made a little over $140,000 in salary alone for the 2008 season.  Including bonuses and other compensation, that number could have easily been over $150,000.

That sounds all well and good, but don’t believe for a second that $100K paychecks are the norm for crew members in the sport.  Guys in the position that Myers was in, as in a car chief for a major team, do make good money.  And for good reason.  They are really second in command under the crew chief and are basically the lead mechanic.

But most mechanics, both in the shop and on the road, don’t make that much.  Obviously the pay is better for guys on bigger teams,  and if someone is able to serve more then one function (such as wrenching and going over the wall), they are more valuable.  Pay will also (usually) be better the higher the series one works in.

As team owners have learned how to run their race teams as actual businesses over the years, many have realized that certain positions need to be well compensated, and others don’t.  They are no different then other, more conventional companies.  The management is always going to make more money then the mailroom guys.  Racing is no different.

Just to give you some comparison on how wide the range is between employees, I know of shop employees at major teams making $800 a week, while many crew chiefs at the Cup level are clearing $500,000 a year just in base salary.  That is quite a big disparity.

And to take this even further, some crew members at the lower levels of NASCAR competition are earning as little as $300 or $400 a week.

So while the information in the Myers/RFR lawsuit is certainly interesting to look at, don’t think that everybody working in racing is pulling back that kind of cash.  It is certainly something to aspire to, but most in racing earn much more modest salaries that are on par with the majority of American workers.

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8 Responses to “Not Every Crew Guy Is Making $100K A Year”

  1. Michael says:

    A while back Speed did a weekly profile about people in NASCAR. On a particular episode they profiled a crew guy from a top tier team. He lived in a modest home,not much different than mine.

    After watching the episode You were left with the impression the salaries for these guys were average.

  2. RAEckart says:

    And how many hours a week does a guy have to work to make $100K? My guess is 80-100 hours, just like a mid-level manager in any other industry. Except that a crew member gets evaluated every week, not just once a quarter. Both the crew man and the mid-level manager have my respect.

  3. Barry says:

    I drive race recovery for nascar and it does not pay a dime, some do it for the love of the sport. 12 to 16 hour days in the truck only seeing the turn your in. LOVE IT

  4. chad says:

    well thats seems a little under guessed to me but could be wrong just sayin

  5. T.C. says:

    chad: What is under guessed?

  6. Farfel says:

    It’s all about the millionaires, not the hundreds who sacrifice normal lives to get a chance to work the top series. Drivers have to make their $10 million, owners their $10 million, etc. etc. and then the crumbs go to the garage dogs. NASCAR is all about the millionaires, everyone else be damned.

  7. Jordan says:

    A buddy of mine works for a nationwide pit crew and he is around 60k but works an awful lot of hours. The travel is a perk however, get to see the country on the teams dime.

  8. bailey says:

    My husband works for NASCAR on a truck team. He makes $62,000 a year and that is not including bonus and over the wall money. He travels with team normally Thursday through Saturday…and works in the shop during the week. Normal hours 7 until 4. With working overtime on occasions. Keep in mind that is a truck team…the cup teams make way more…but they also race more races and work a lot more hours.

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