Will Formula E be the Future Post-Pandemic Motorsports

At a time when industries are trying to recover from the disruptions of the pandemic, some of the world’s major car makers are experiencing supply chain shortages. Obviously, even the motorsports sector is unable to avoid the impact of disruptions as racing events and competitions across the globe, have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed. Yet the Formula E series that was once touted as playground for electronic nerds, appears to be the future of post pandemic motorsports.

In mid 2021, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) boss, Gerhard Berger: remarked that based on his personal opinion, German Touring Car Masters fans will not be seeing any races soonI, not even for Formula 1. On the other hand, Spanish Alejandro Agag, founder of Formula E, the purely electric car racing series takes pride that it is now a serious racing category.

Formula E was able to include major electric car manufacturers in the Formula E series with the likes of Germany’s Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Last year, Agag was supposed to launch the Extreme E series for electric SUVs, in the Arctic and the Amazons. locations that have bee specifically affected by the effects of climate change.

Agag believes and supports the work being carried out by environment activists like Greta Thunberg. Yet he knows they need the support of the business sector to make sure transformative changes will happen.

Will the Motorsports Industry Die a Natural Death

Even prior to the pandemic, many were wondering if the motorsports industry is already slowly dying a natural death.
Jens Marquardt, the director of Motorsports at BMW said it isn’t, since the era of spending horrendous sums of money on motorsport is now over, Formular E has been keeping the costs of motorsports relatively low, while the standard chassis is significant as it will enable automakers to start easily.

As with Formula 1, Marquardt says the costs remain astronomical, which according to him is hard to justify with a clear conscience. That is why big automakers have been withdrawing from the traditional car racing series, which in return has been reducing the interest of sponsors and eventually, motorsports fans.

Even DTM’s Berger, acknowledge that electric and hybrid cars are the future of motorsports, and not the non-eco friendly and already outmoded V12 engines,

Motorsport Fans can Expect Betting Markets For the More Sustainable Formula E

That being the case motorsport fans are also eagerly waiting for the time when they could stake wagers in the outcomes of the innovative Formula E race series.

However many sports bettors and online casino players can no longer afford to be carefree when carrying on with their gambling activities. Just before the COVID-19 lockdowns struck, the UKGC made it mandatory for all gambling establishments to integrate the Gamstop self-exclusion system. While this scheme is an effective solution for those with tendencies to engage in excessive gambling, it somehow affects the gambling experience of savvy and seasoned punters.

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