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Pit Gun Technology Speeding Up Pit Stops

It’s been a common thread this year; a driver has a shot to win, but a bad pit stop or two derails the whole day and somebody ends up getting called out on the radio or national television. Yes, the pressure is as high as it’s ever been on the pit crews with track position […]

Some Advice For Christmas

There was an article in the Charlotte Observer last week about a woman named Christmas Abbott who is attempting to become a tire changer. She’s being supported in her effort by Turner Motorsports and is being coached by veteran jackman and coach Shaun Peet and the guys at Michael Waltrip Racing (MWR and Turner have a […]

Big Changes To Pit Crews For 2012

As we have talked about before around here, the crew guy silly season can be just as crazy as the one involving drivers and sponsors. You won’t see press releases about changes, but teams vying for the top pit crew talent can be very competitive. I have absolutely no data to back this up, but […]

Key Pit Crew Changes Could Shape Championships

Pit road has played a big roll in the outcome of races this season, and as the Cup and Nationwide Series search for their 2011 champions, an even bigger emphasis will be placed on the crews.  Those drivers with the strongest pit crews will have a serious advantage as we come into the home stretch. […]

Superspeedway Pit Stops Really Don’t Matter

As we get ready to head to Talladega this weekend, pit crew coaches across the sport will spend the week preaching to their crews about the importance of not making mistakes.  Even if it means pit stops take a few extra seconds than normal, it’s more important to get things right, than it is to […]

The Deadly Sins Of Tire Changing

As a tire changer I have basically two jobs: take the lugnuts off and put the lugnuts on.  Sounds simple enough right?  Well don’t forget that during a pit stop there are 20 lugnuts to hit, that is 10 off and 10 back on.  So in essence, that’s 20 chances to screw up.  And trust […]

Teams May Be Facing A Pit Crew Shortage

With the Nationwide Series and Truck Series moving to some non-companion events over the summer, it seems that I hear everyday about teams looking for quality crew members for upcoming races.  It really makes me wonder if we aren’t almost facing a bit of a shortage of pit crew guys. There are a good number […]

For Pit Crews, Sometimes Being Automatic Bites

There is absolutely no doubt about how important pit stops are to a race.  Like I’ve said here before, a team can’t win the race on pit road, but they certainly can lose it.  A perfect example of this happened last weekend at Darlington.  Jeff Burton brought the field to pit road as the leader with only […]

Wait, You Do What For A Living?

In case you don’t know what I do, I will take this opportunity to tell you.  I’m on pit road every weekend changing tires for one of the many NASCAR teams.  If you’ve watched a race live or seen one on TV, you have no doubt seen me work.  You probably didn’t know it, but I […]

Pit Crew Coaches: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

They don’t get any TV time and you have probably never heard most of their names, but a position within the race teams that continues to gain in importance is the pit crew coach.  Many teams have full time coaches, while others have part time or contract coaches.  But no matter the level of employment, these guys can […]

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