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More On The Truck Series Rule Changes

In December, we were the first to bring you news that NASCAR was working on changing a few rules in the Truck Series to help save the owners money.  A few days back, we also gave you the opportunity to speak up on the issue. Now, we are hearing from a few different folks that […]

Breaking News: Rule Changes Coming to Truck Series

In an effort to help save the teams money for the 2009 season and beyond, we are hearing that NASCAR may be ready to announce a couple of rule changes for the Truck Series.  First, teams will be limited on the number of hard cards (annual credentials) they can purchase for the season.  This will […]

Reader Question: Athletes or Mechanics?

It’s no secret that over the last several years, race teams at the highest levels have begun recruiting some serious athletes to become pit crew guys.  Up and down pit road you’ll find guys who played college and professional sports that are jackmen, tire changers, tire carriers, and fuelers.  The thought is, is that these guys […]

Helmet Cam: Pit Stops Through Our Eyes

Within the last couple of seasons, the TV networks that carry the races have developed a neat little toy that lets viewers see pit stops from a whole different perspective.  By mounting a small camera on a crew helmet, fans can take a ride with carriers, changers, and jackmen and see things how we see […]

The Anatomy of a Pit Stop

There is no doubt that if you’ve ever watched a race from ARCA all the way up to Cup, you’ve seen a pit stop.  The driver comes to pit road and the seven man crew springs into action putting on four fresh tires and filling the tank fuel of Sunoco race fuel.  There are many different […]


In racing, it’s all about who you know.  The more contacts you’ve got in the sport, the better off your career will be.  And with contacts comes the opportunity to do a little moonlighting.  Good over-the-wall guys can often be hard to find, and if a talented changer, carrier, or jackman makes it known that […]

Ever Tried to Do Your Job Backward?

I have… The Nationwide and Cup Series are heading north this weekend to the Finger Lakes region of New York and the historic Watkins Glen road course.  The Glen and Infineon always present unique challenges to the drivers because all of a sudden they need to turn left and right.  What you will also see […]

Screwed Up Pit Stops Are Part of the Game

Bad pit stops.  We’ve all had them.  We are all going to have more of them.  It doesn’t matter whether you are on a Cup crew or a Hooters ProCup team.  When we step off the wall, we have a lot of tasks to complete in a very short amount of time.  And no matter […]

Pit Road Explained: Adjustments

This is the seventh and final post in the series Pit Road Explained.  The series breaks down all that is pit road.  Have a suggestion or question?  Email me! First off, I’d like to apologize for this post being delayed.  An internet outage and a busy racing weekend were the contributing factors.  But I’m back and […]

New Pit Road Rules for 2008

I know its old news to many of you, but for those who don’t know, NASCAR changed a few key rules on pit road for this season.  The first has to do with pushing the car down pit road and the second involves controlling the old tires back to the pit wall. During the first […]

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