The Future For Edwards & Biffle

As has been reported nearly everywhere, both Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle are in play on the free agent market. Nobody on either side is saying much, and that silence is deafening. What Biffle does will likely be dictated by the move Edwards makes, but make no mistake, Roush Fenway Racing could be about to lose their top two drivers.

During the last free agent year for Edwards, it took a monster deal put together by RFR and Ford to keep Edwards in the 99. After nearly winning the championship in 2011, Edwards missed the Chase in 2012, and was a non-factor in the 2013 Chase. This combined with a shortage of wins is why Edwards is again looking for a new ride. He wants to compete for wins and championships, and he wants to do it now.

The focus and speculation by many seems to be that Edwards is on his way to a potential fourth Gibbs car, but don’t bet on that just yet. Edwards is rumored to haveĀ been spotted in the Team Penske shop in recent weeks, and he would make a potent addition to the Penske lineup. Ford doesn’t want to lose Edwards, and a move to Penske would at least keep him in the family.

For Biffle, any move he makes will most likely be made after a resolution comes for Edwards. Edwards is ten years younger than Biffle, and clearly the more sought after free agent. An Edwards departure from RFR would leave Biffle in a very strong position to negotiate a nice extension with his current employer but we’ve also heard that Biffle could be in the mix for that potential fourth car at JGR, or in a third car for Michael Waltrip Racing.

With a lot of the season still to play out, my gut right now says Edwards is gone and Biffle stays. The promotion of Trevor Bayne feels like RFR expects to lose at least one of them, and I think that is Edwards. Biffle would be the top dog at RFR if he stays, which isn’t true if he moves to JGR or MWR.

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  1. Neon says:

    How ironic would that be if Cousin Carl becomes a team mate to his once bitter rival Bad Brad at Penske. Biffle mainly seems like an also ran to me, but could be an RFR problem. Biffle seems one dimensional to me and RFR could find better new talent worth their $.

  2. Ric says:

    I thought I read somewhere recently that Biffle did a 180 in the past several months. Going from him 100% staying, not doubt about it, to moving on with another team.

  3. CJ says:

    I hope that possible Biff to Gibbs is true.if that’s true I’m pulling for Edwards to go to penske which he does have history with Brad but at Gibbs he has history with both Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth but I think Ford wants to keep Edwards. Also I’ve heard monster energy wants to move its sponsorship up to Sprint cup with Kyle opening the door for Biff to be the new candy man which I’d love to see and he could bring 3M with him as well.

  4. Steve says:

    To the Insiders,

    Long time Petty fan here. Not much news or info on what is going on at RPM. I guess that’s the price of being a fan of one of the “lesser funded” teams. Any info? News? Gossip? Rumors?

  5. Doug in CA says:

    I suppose that we as fans will never really know why teams like RCR and RFR can fall so far. It probably has to do with one team engineering a widget out of some alloy that the other teams don’t have, or redesigning some 3/8″ opening somewhere. But we see drivers and crew chiefs, not much more. We sometimes begin to forget how technologically complex this sport is, how many variables go into deciding if you run first or thirtieth.

    Steve: if you are lucky enough to have Sirius radio, their NASCAR station features folks from all up and down the grid, so you’ll hear from RPM, Front Row, midpack guys in trucks, etc. They live in a different world, one where a top 20 is a big step up, and where a top ten is a win.

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