Gordon Off To Worst Start Of His Career

Three lead lap finishes through ten races, two DNFs, an average finish of 21.6, and a points position of 23rd. It all adds up to the worst start of Jeff Gordon’s career. And with a crash and a 33rd place finish at Talladega, there is no end in sight to Gordon’s bad luck.

After blowing an engine in the Daytona 500, Gordon came back with solid runs at Phoenix and Las Vegas. But contact with teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. led to a cut tire and wreck at Bristol.

At California, Gordon ran strong before problems on pit road put him deep in the field. The race was shortened by rain before he could race his way back into contention. Martinsville was Gordon’s best race of the season. He led 328 laps, but an incident late with Clint Bowyer relegated him to 14th.

Gordon followed up his strong run at Martinsville with a fourth place finish at Texas. But back-to-back finishes outside the top 20 at Kansas and Richmond, along with the crash at Talladega, have put Gordon 70 points out of the Chase.

With the exception of Dale Earnhardt Jr., Hendrick Motorsports seems to be a bit off this season. Kasey Kahne got off to a rough start, but has turned it around over the last four races. He has yet to seriously contend for a win however. And even though Jimmie Johnson is eighth in the points, this is the first season since 2003 that he hasn’t won one of the first ten races.

For Gordon, he’s really just been the victim of really bad luck. He’s had good runs, lead laps, and even won the pole at Talladega. The team just can’t seem to get to the finish. All the 24 bunch can really do is continue showing up with fast race cars and hope things turn around.

A Photo For Thought

On a different note, click this link, look at the photo, and let me know your thoughts. Does it get any more perfect than this?

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15 Responses to “Gordon Off To Worst Start Of His Career”

  1. RAEckart says:

    Photo is awesome. Was this Kurt Busch’s “Darrell Waltrip getting spun by Rusty Wallace” moment? Have to admit, response was phenomenal. It gave people a reason to like him again.

  2. Dan says:

    The photo?……..Priceless

    As far as Gordon goes I’ve been a fan since day one. This season’s been really frustrating.

  3. grumpiestoldman says:

    See, Kurt Busch does have a sense of humor. The scanner traffic was hilarious. Another website (sorry I don’t remember which) had the great idea that Kurt should run the chicken sponsor from Stroker Ace next.
    As for Gordon, it’s over. Go home and raise your children.

  4. fireball doowah says:

    Yesterday I read several articles on Phoenix Racing (SI for example), and sounds to me like they are preparing for running a partial season if additional sponsorship does not come in…

  5. ATS says:

    How about you guys focus on this. The fact that NASCAR didn’t penalize that spoiled brat PR machine for wrecking a driver after the race was over. Looked familiar to me…I never would expect NASCAR to suspend their money maker but at least fine her like you do every other driver.

    Is that the way you earn respect in NASCAR?

  6. Woogeroo says:

    Hey… ya’ll got yer computer out of the pawn shop finally, yay!


  7. Neon says:

    I would say Gordon might win a race in 2012, but when you repeatedly hear “…a victim of bad luck”, I suggest the driver’s input and position on track/pits plays a part in the “luck” one receives…bad, or good for that matter.

    RE ATS on the PR machine: when I read DP’s quote on getting a new spotter “…For me, I need someone … I’m going to say, almost drive the car. Like, tell me you’re turning in too early, tell me be patient with the throttle; OK, pick it up. I need somebody that is familiar with those patterns, because I’m not.” I actually chuckled and thought that was just a sarcastic spin from her (ala Stewart Dega post race). Then I realized she actually means it….classic!

  8. Goober22 says:

    Nascar fan since ’79, Gordon fan since his start in Atlanta, Fall ’92…

    The old adage “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”, certainly fits this season. He’s ran so well only to have some odd thing happen.

    As far as Busch, the photo says it all! I think he has now proven he is not suitable for this level of racing. A driver needs to have the “whole package” and he just doesn’t get it. I heard Jeremy Mayfield needs a friend!

    BTW, Danica needs to realize she needs to be a little more patient as well before she “demands” respect at this level. Honestly, she is an average/mediocre driver at best. Her “fame” is she is a marketer’s dream. (but I watch racing for, duh, racing; not sex!!!)

    PS BTW, I see NASCAR fined Busch for his tantrum.

  9. AJ says:

    I would also say this website is also off to the worst start ever. For the last 2 years this was one of the best sites on the net for NASCAR news and discussion, now we are luck if we get a new post once a week, such a shame.

  10. eric says:

    I miss the “ask the insiders Wednesday”, as well as the other inside info

  11. eric says:

    Its ironic he is wearing a Monster hat, when in fact thats what he turns into if hes not happy. the ME part, i guess cause hes so self centered he doesnt care about anybody else!

  12. AH says:

    I agree with AJ this site has went downhill, today is the 16th and the last post was the 8th, I’m about ready to just delete my bookmark and quit checking this site!

  13. Journo says:

    AH and AJ – We are still here and are working on what the site is going to look like going forward. The serious commitment of posting every day in our spare time has become nearly impossible. I am certain when we do have a plan we will let you know.

  14. Tim S. says:

    Have to say that I’d rather get one post per week from these guys than a solid week of stuff from the paraphrased press releases that pass for NASCAR media on most websites lately.

  15. Jim2 says:

    With Tim S. on this one…cutbacks happen everywhere and for various reasons. Quality over quantity has been the hallmark of the TNI site.

    Everyone understands you have day jobs…and the fact that you still have them in this industry and in this economy must mean you’re pretty good at what you do in order to keep giving us the insight you have.

    Roll on, boys!

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