Pastrana To Debut With RAB Racing?

When Travis Pastrana, who was in attendance at Texas Motor Speedway, makes his NASCAR debut next weekend at Richmond International Raceway, it may be in a car associated with RAB Racing.

Pastrana’s Pastrana 199 Racing has an alliance with Michael Waltrip Racing, but the team hasn’t run it’s #99 Nationwide car since last season and does not have a guaranteed starting spot. A deal with RAB, who is a Toyota team and short on sponsorship for regular driver Kenny Wallace, would ensure Pastrana a starting spot for his first Nationwide race. Ryan Truex ran for RAB at Texas, and Wallace is expected to return to the seat of the #09 for the Talladega race, but a driver for Richmond has not yet been announced.

If the rumored deal is completed, expect an announcement in the coming days.

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6 Responses to “Pastrana To Debut With RAB Racing?”

  1. Travis Pastrana racing for RAB Racing, now there is an interesting sight if it happens.

    But let’s be honest, sponsorship is everything, no money, no ride and for RAB Racing they are just trying to survive. So it wouldn’t surprise me that since there is no money/sponsorship for Kenny Wallace, than putting in another driver with sponsorship is what they need to do. Besides it does give another driver a shot at racing especially in the case of Travis Pastrana, then go for it.

    But at least Wallace does have sponsorship for Talladega and a few other races.

  2. Eric says:

    I luv TNI, but Im wondering if you guys are not employed in the NASCAR industry this year? Or, not employed in a position where you could get insider information like before. It seems like the site has completely changed over the offseason. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy the site, Im just curious.

  3. Tom says:

    It’s a shame that Kenny Wallace is 14th in points. Means big bucks at season end. Somebody needs to consider that. Kenny finally has been in a good car and just don’t have any luck. Sponsors should loves this guy. Been fan favorite too.
    Just like Trevor Bayne being in 4th place and no ride, unreal.

  4. Neon says:

    Like Tom, I am baffled at Kenny’s plight to secure full funding. Unless “the Insiders” tell me different (hint hint)it seems most everyone in the sport (TV and garage) likes Kenny’s persona… and…he can wheel a stock on dirt or asphalt. He seems driven to me. Any insight TC/Journo?
    When I first heard Pastrana was coming in I thought “here we go just another bandwagoner trying to cash in”. But now I find myself welcoming his debut w/ anticipation. He seems genuinely focused and committed. I wonder if he’ll get bored or frustrated making the same turn lap after lap after lap after lap. I suspect Travis, like Kimi Raikkonen, is driven to get back into competition of door to door racing rather than rally, stunts and time trials.

  5. Andrew says:

    They don’t even do Ask the Insiders anymore. I’d ask them why they don’t, but who the heck do I ask?…lol.

  6. Journo says:

    Andrew – Never fear, it’ll be coming back shortly.

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