Kasey Kahne Can’t Catch a Break

Kasey Kahne and Kenny Francis’ move to Hendrick Motorsports this season was met with great optimism. The two had found success in tenous situations at Red Bull Racing and various iterations of Evernham Motorsports – with Hendrick at their back, the world was their oyster.

Unfortunately for the two, this season hasn’t turned out so well. At Daytona the team was caught up in a wreck; then at Phoenix Kahne made contact with the wall and had suspension issues; at Las Vegas, after taking the pole he got caught up in a wreck late in the race; at Bristol he finished 37th after getting caught up again in a wreck; at California, the car remained intact, but the team wasn’t able to make up much ground before the rain ended the race finishing 14th, and on Sunday, after winning the pole the engine gave out.

As the saying goes, if Kasey Kahne didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. Sitting 31st in points right now, the team has got to be wondering what to do.

This is surely not an indicator of the season to come but things have to got to change and change soon. The #5 team has a hole to climb out of, but if any two can do it, it’s Kahne and Francis.

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8 Responses to “Kasey Kahne Can’t Catch a Break”

  1. Mike says:

    This is the same kind of start that Mark Martin had in his first year in the #5 (16th, 40th, 40th and 31st in the first four races, and Mark was 27th in points after six races).

    He ended up second in the final points that year. Let’s not count Kasey out anytime soon.

  2. Kevin says:

    And today he blew up an engine. He has a ton of potential and I’m still pulling for him.

  3. Matt says:

    I think part of it is bad luck (getting caught up in wrecks), but what happened today was Kahne’s doing.

    I can’t remember how many cars “failed” him over at RPM and Red Bull…which leads me to believe that Kasey is hard on his equipment.

    I wondered when he made the move to Hendrick if he’d have equipment issues as well, because maybe it really was just bad luck or faulty gear…but after today, I’m skeptical it’s just bad luck.

  4. Jon says:

    yeah i agree completely with mike, while it sucks for kasey and the #5 team, they shouldn’t be panicked at all. the chase completely changes the way teams approach these early races IMO. i like it because there’s nothing that can happen to you this early that would ever prevent you from making the chase–unless you never turn it around. i doubt kasey has that problem.

  5. Neon says:

    Playing Captain Obvious here, but I suspect the #5 will have to concentrate on two things. 1-getting “multipe” race wins and 2-getting into the top 20 in points, so those wins count for leapfogging others into the Chase. Even at this early stage, IMO getting into Chase by merely conventional points gathering will not happen for the #5.

  6. safemike1 says:

    Not only did it happen to Mark Martin, but let’s not forget that even Dale Jr. has not had a great start there either. But, he is still making the Chase each year. So maybe Rick will just have to remind Kasey that engines cost a lot of money, and not finishing a race is just as expensive. He had to re-work things for Jr, and maybe he will have to re-work them for Kahne as well.

  7. Eric says:

    I was concerned he may fall out of the top 35 and risk missing a race, but the chances of him not qualifying on speed for a race are probably next to zero.

    Id keep an eye on the 10. Danica will be in that car at Darlington. Would you say Darlington is probably going to be the hardest track she tries to qualify on? COuld be interesting!!!

  8. Magic Man says:

    I agree KK is going to start the fire soon!

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