Michael Waltrip Is The Worst Driver In NASCAR

You heard him say it. Sure he was angry and it’s not true – Waltrip did win two Daytona 500s after all – but it definitely adds an uncomfortable element to the Clint Bowyer to Michael Waltrip Racing rumors. Strange bedfellows?

We often say around here not to burn bridges – the community is too small and you never know when you might need someone’s help. While that’s especially true for crew members and other team employees, it also applies to drivers.

Beyond the obvious awkwardness, Bowyer generally finds himself in a very difficult spot.

In a year where a driver like Greg Biffle acknowledged he took a cut in pay with his new contract, Bowyer, according to some reports, was asking for as much as $7 million a year and helicopter rides to the track. While that may not quite be the case, we keep hearing the number is high. It’s no wonder he hasn’t locked anything down.

Even with sponsorship from 5 Hour Energy, a deal rumored to be just a partial season, Bowyer’s position isn’t a whole lot better. I think what we’re seeing is Bowyer without any really good option left, looking for a team willing to take a chance that it can close the gap. Enter Michael Waltrip Racing.

If all goes according to plan it looks like Bowyer will make the move. In reality the team represents a step down from RCR. In five full NASCAR Cup seasons MWR has just two wins and has firmly cemented itself as a weekly field filler with performance that can best be described as mediocre.

To Bowyer’s credit, he represents the hope and aspirations of an organization that has struggled through the years. Is he the answer for MWR? Only time will tell.

But what about that comment?

Even Denny Hamlin jokingly asked Waltrip about it last night on Inside NASCAR. An awkward exchange ensued where Waltrip half-laughing pointed out that Bowyer called him the worst NASCAR driver EVER. Yikes.

Obviously this is pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things. And with the right amount of money, anybody can get over anything. I suppose it’s not like Bowyer called Waltrip the worst owner in NASCAR ever. That might have been unforgivable.

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11 Responses to “Michael Waltrip Is The Worst Driver In NASCAR”

  1. Craig says:

    I forgot about that incident. The funniest part about Bowyer making that comment is the Waltrip didn’t even cause the wreck.

  2. ddsbstrb says:

    Journo, glad to see you have finally figured this out:

    “In five full NASCAR Cup seasons MWR has just two wins and has firmly cemented itself as a weekly field filler with performance that can best be described as mediocre.

    Many of us have been saying this, since POS started Motormouth Motorsports, back in 2006/07!

    Very entertaining article concerning my favorite……”POS-Critic” (Bowyer).


  3. Slug Writer says:

    Not only do I remember those comments [that Bowyer said about Waltrip] but it’s the first thing I thought about when the rumors of Bowyer going to MWR first surfaced…

    But driver’s ay lots of things and then things change and they become teammates or owners of cars for a certain female driver. Money changes everything.

    And as far as Bowyer taking a step down, one could argue that being the fourth car driver on a 4-car team that you’ll never be anything but the experimental team. So, conceivably, Bowyer could be taking a step upwards.

  4. Doug in CA says:

    I’ll leave aside the issue of whether Waltrip is the worst driver in NASCAR other than to point out that he ran a LOT of races in a very long career.

    And I agree that MWR is a mid-pack team. Now. However, it does seem to be a decently-funded team that might, just might, get better as time goes by, and isn’t that exactly what NASCAR needs? Sure, it would be nice if there were someone challenging RFR, Hendrick, and Gibbs (I’m torn on whether to put RCR up there), but maybe MWR will, some day. Would you rather have Ginn Racing back? J.D. Stacy? The Stavola Brothers? Front Row?

    As long as Cup has 43-car fields you need all of them.

  5. The Mad Man says:

    I sure hope Bowyer enjoys seeing the front of the field right now because I don’t think he’ll see it once he goes to MWR.

  6. Chris Fiegler says:

    How do you guys think that Michael Waltrip is as a Car Owner?

  7. Zieke says:

    I agree with Clint. However he has not done too much to make him a whole lot better.

  8. dano says:

    For a mid pack team, motormouth motorsports sure does get better than mid pack tv time. I don’t know if it’s Mikey “booty shaker” or his other brother Darrelll that has the copy of the secret sex tapes of Brian France, but you can’t see 10 laps of racing without one of their cars in the shot, no matter how they are running. 2 for 700 plus as a driver may not be the worst statically, but I could have won in a plate race in the equipment mikey had for the 2. I will have to give him credit for being able to spin out and crash Robby Gordon under yellow, destroying Gordon’s car at NH on purpose, and have nascar convince everyone that Robby is the bad guy – which mikeys brother has continued to try keep that negative of Gordon alive every chance he gets. I am courious how much tv time 5hour sponsored car will get in cup and if Rustys kid will still get as much tv time with a different sponsor as he continues to racem n reckem. mikey may not be the worst driver in nascar history, but he has done more harm to the sport off the track than his brother and Rusty and herman.

  9. Rick says:

    And now we have Mikey joining the Fox Sunday Pre Race show in the Hollywood Hotel. This is turning into the Waltrip Cup Series. Great move Fox. I’ll be mowing the grass, fishing, hunting or impatiently waiting for College Football Saturdays next season, but I sure as hell won’t be watching Waltrip TV.

  10. ddsbstrb says:

    I’m with Rick! I can barely stand either POS or JAWS.

    Put those two, Waldrip-hill-jacks together?


    Makes the radio broadcast or RaceView look pretty good during the Faux part of the season, doesn’t it?

  11. Rick says:

    Just wondering how the Truck series TV ratings changed when MW joined the broadcast booth? UP or DOWN? I quit watching it and I miss the racing, but it just ain’t worth it to me.

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