Ask The Insiders Wednesday #105

Christmas is upon us!  And our gift to you is the 105th edition of Ask The Insiders Wednesday.  If you don’t know what this post is, we answer any and all reader questions every Wednesday, right here.  So if you’ve got one, click on the ”Ask the Insiders” tab at the top of the page and send one to us.  On to the questions…

1. From Al:

Why is NASCAR getting a 40 million dollar tax break to repair its tracks? This pork is being added to tax cuts going to senate this week. Is NASCAR going to cut ticket prices?

Well, NASCAR isn’t the beneficiary of the tax breaks, tracks are. Certainly ISC and SMI could stand to benefit from the breaks, but NASCAR won’t, at least directly. As far as why they were included in the bill, the Washington Post says:

“The motor-sports provision stems from an ongoing dispute between racetrack owners and the Internal Revenue Service, which concluded that racing facilities should be subject to longer depreciation schedules – thus decreasing tax benefits for owners.”

I hope that answers your questions. – Journo

2. From Bryan:

I don’t know how close to the situation you guys are, but can someone please let us know what Jeremy Mayfield hopes to accomplish by continuing to pursue legal action against NASCAR? Surely Mayfield or someone around him has got to see the futility of this. Why can’t he just admit his wrongs and try to possibly salvage a career that was mediocre at best?

I can’t really provide any insight here. One of two things is possible: (1) he really wasn’t using and is determined to clear his name whatever the cost (and this has cost him a lot); or (2) he was using, and he thinks this provides him cover – lets him save face if you will. Either way he knows he won’t be racing again – whether he admits responsibility or not – and money is the end goal. I, like all people, have an opinion given the facts of this, but that’s irrelevant. All I know is I’m ready for this to be over. – Journo

3. From Marcus:

With only 34 events scheduled on the 2011 Nationwide Series Schedule do you think a 35th event will be added? I know thats what they usually have and was just wondering if you guys knew anything more. Thanks!

I don’t believe NASCAR is looking to fill the 35th date.  When they released the schedule, they released it with only 34 races and there wasn’t a 35th race listed as TBD.  I believe when they did this with the Truck Series, the extra date was listed as TBD.  Something could change between now and the beginning of the season, but don’t bet on it. – T.C.

4. From Chuck:

Whatever happened to Casey Atwood? I was really expecting him to be a good driver, and while I understand that he really couldn’t pass up the opportunity that Ray Evernham gave him to move to Cup, he should have stayed in Busch for another year or two. Really seems like he got screwed over. Your opinion on that and what he might be doing now? Thanks

Atwood ran some races in the Nationwide Series in 2009 for Wayne Day, but since then hasn’t done anything at the national level.  I don’t know specifically, but I’d imagine he’s living back in Nashville (maybe a reader knows?).  I don’t disagree that he maybe could have benefited from some more time in the Busch Series developing, but not many would pass up the opportunity to go Cup racing.  I’m not really sure you can say he was screwed over though.  He was given two full season in the Cup Series, on top of several seasons in the Busch Series.  A lot of drivers would kill for the opportunities he was given.  But as it goes with drivers, some take full advantage of their chances, and some just can’t. – T.C.

5. From Lost in Texas:

Will the Herminator be competitive in new ride?

I think Kenny Wallace (who is driving for RAB Racing for 2011) will be fairly competitive next season.  The team is getting support from Toyota and have about half their races paid for.  Will he be competing for wins?  I highly doubt it.  I do think though that he will regularly be a top 25 runner, and could sneak up into the top ten or 15 occasionally. – T.C.

And that brings yet another “Ask The Insiders Wednesday” to a close.  Thanks to everyone who sent in questions.  And remember, if you’d like to be a part of next week, click on the ”Ask the Insiders” tab at the top of the page and send your question in!

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  1. Zieke says:

    Re: #5 Even if KW has a quality ride, he is too busy trying to build a broadcast career to be very competitive. In this day and age, he needs to concentrate FULLY on racing in order to keep up with almost any of the other drivers. And if he was smart, he would do that very thing, because his Raceday antics have grown quite stale.

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