UPDATED: Breaking News: Front Row Facing Possible Penalties Over Tire Issue

After yesterday’s story about Front Row’s possible infraction at Pocono, we are hearing today that the penalty from NASCAR could be the biggest ever handed down.

When NASCAR makes the announcement later today or tomorrow, expect the penalty to include a $250,000 fine and 300 driver and owner points for Travis Kvapil and owner Bob Jenkins.  A suspension for crew chief Steven Lane will also be included.

This penalty tops the sanctions handed down last season to Carl Long’s team after his engine was discovered to be too large at Charlotte.

Like we’ve said here before, NASCAR will always be harshest about infractions dealing with engines, tires, and fuel, and they are obviously using this situation to reinforce that notion.

No word yet on how this will affect the team’s status moving forward.  Expect the team to appeal the decision.

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7 Responses to “UPDATED: Breaking News: Front Row Facing Possible Penalties Over Tire Issue”

  1. MS says:

    I can see NASCAR cracking down on this since it is clear that banned devices were installed with the intention of cheating.

    But to equate this with what happened to Carl Long is ridiculous in my opinion.

    Long was on a shoestring budget with a secondhand worn out engine that was allegedly off by an amount substantially less than the statistical accuracy of the measurement methodology. There was no intent or even motive to cheat in his case, in my opinion.

  2. erb224 says:

    MS – I don’t think the insiders are trying to equate this with Long. It’s a fact, Long got a severe penalty (whether we like it or not) and this is BIGGER than that. This is HUGE.

    I guess people need to stop complaining that NASCAR doesn’t like Robby. He just found himself back in the chosen 35. :)

  3. Marcus says:

    Honestly I thought that NASCAR would give them a minor penalty. NASCAR is struggling each week to get enough cars on the entry list. If they fine Front Row this much the will likely only be able to run 2 maybe even 1 car each week. And that car would be Kevin Conway. This would be a huge penalty for sucha small team. It would not surprise me at all if right now Bob Jenkins and his managment team are looking into how many people they can lay-off. This would be huge for a team like Front Row and also a good chance it kills the team off. If anyone disagrees with my opinions feel free to tell me. That is just what I think.


  4. The Real JWT says:

    I’m curious to see what happens here. A minor team struggling to make it may once again receive an excessively large major penalty.

    Why don’t the big teams get penalties like this? Is it the power of the invisible sponsor lobby?

  5. Doug in Tacoma says:

    If this comes to pass, it’s just following the trend from the last few years. Last year’s record, and top, penalty was Carl Long’s worn-over engine 200 point penalty.

    In 2008, the top penalty was 150 points, handed out to 4 teams ( #83 and #1 for car body infractions, #66 & 70 for illegal wing mounts)

    In 2007, the top penalties were 100 points, the #55 for the illegal fuel additive, the #24 and 48 for illegal body modifications, the #8 for illegal wing brackets, and the #2 for nearly running down a crewmember on pit road post-race.

    It should be interesting to see Last Row Motorsport’s take on this… maybe claim they got penalized for a leaky valve stem? The big teams are usually a lot more careful not to get caught doing this, but it’s usually because they do a better job of hiding it. Or, maybe, they just don’t need those little tricks.

    FRM won’t shut down their teams, they need at least one in the T35 to put Conway in, since he is incapable of holding a T35 position or running a decent qualifying lap and would instantly miss races if put in a go-or-go home car.

  6. Weber says:

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but what did FRM have to gain from this? Nothing. So it makes no sense to me that they would even try something like this, when it’s known you don’t mess with fuel, engines or tires. I heard a rumor that Na$car is looking into a sabotage situation. I hope that rumor becomes true, but I doubt it. Like Marcus said, this would effectively kill the 3 car team. So again I ask, what would they have to gain from even trying it? They were putting space between all 3 cars and the 7 car. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. Journo says:

    Weber- Sometimes crew chiefs do things that don’t make sense. From what we’ve heard, Steve Lane and those that needed to know about it on the #38 team did (I honestly don’t think anyone else around FRM knew about it). I agree it doesn’t make sense, and I think Steve Lane will probably pay pretty dearly for making the decision to do this.

    Every crew chief plays with things and tries to work the system – as they say if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. I think this was just a very bad decision. And in reality, without the rain delay they probably wouldn’t have gotten caught – who knows how many other times they did this and got away with it.

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