Breaking News: Front Row Facing Possible Penalties Over Tire Issue

As we mentioned this morning on Twitter, we are hearing Front Row Motorsports could be facing penalties from NASCAR after illegal bleeder mechanisms were discovered on the #38 car prior to Sunday’s race.

The rain delay appears to have played a role in the discovery of the issue. As Kvapil exited pit road following the delay, NASCAR backed him up because of two flat rear tires. NASCAR officials escorted the team’s tire specialist and the two tires in question to the NASCAR hauler. We are hearing bleeder mechanisms were responsible for the flat tires.

Bleeder mechanisms are easily installed on the valve stem of the tire and are meant to help a car maintain tire air pressure. As pressure builds in the tire during a run, the valve opens and relieves pressure.

Penalties involving the fuel, the engine, and the tires are generally NASCAR’s severest. As we have seen in recent years with penalties involving Carl Long and Michael Waltrip, NASCAR has made a point to make examples of those found to be beyond the rulebook in those three areas.

As Front Row struggles with points and money this could hurt the team substantially. The team looked to be well on its way to locking all three cars into the top-35 after this weekend’s race. Obviously any points penalty could change that. Additionally, the team only has full-time sponsorship on one car – monetary fines could be detrimental to the team’s future.

Expect any penalty announcements to be made tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “Breaking News: Front Row Facing Possible Penalties Over Tire Issue”

  1. RA Eckart says:

    Carl Long, MWR and Front Row appear to have only thought of “right now” and not about potentially catastrophic consequences of what happens if something goes wrong when corners are cut. This is the same psychological error that BP made.

  2. steve says:

    I assume bleeders are not allowed?

  3. T.C. says:

    Steve: Bleeders are definitely not allowed.

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