Why Tony Stewart Will Win The 2009 Cup Championship

I know I’m going way out on a limb here, seeing as how he is the current points leader and most recent race winner, but I’m calling right now that Tony Stewart will win the 2009 Cup Series championship.  How could I possibly do such a thing with 18 races down, and 18 more to go?  Let me explain.

Through the first half of this season, Tony Stewart and his #14 team are not only leading the championship standings by 180 points, but they also lead most of the important statistical categories.  At a quick glance, they have the most top fives, most top tens, have run the most laps, have the best average finish and own the most lead lap finishes.

And besides being the latest race winner, just to give you some more evidence on how hot Tony Stewart is right now, check out his most recent finishes.  Since finishing 19th at Charlotte in May, Stewart has finished second, first, seventh, second, fifth, and first in the last six races.  Not a bad start for a guy that is in his first season as an owner/driver.

But, while I know that 18 races doesn’t make an entire season, the kicker here lies in the fact that Stewart is the most prolific second half driver of the last 10 years.  Most of his 35 career wins (21 to be specific), have come after the mid way point of the season. 

So if Tony Stewart is just getting his season started, it appears that the rest of the field may be in big trouble.

Stewart and crew chief Darian Grubb are really starting to gel, and with the support of a great Stewart-Haas team and help from Hendrick Motorsports, this duo may be unstoppable.

And just in case all of these reasons aren’t good enough evidence for you, check out this little tidbit I found while doing some surfing today.

Via the forums over at Rubbin’s Racin’, I discovered that two years after Tony Stewart is featured on the cover of the EA Sports NASCAR video game, he wins the title.  First, Stewart was on the cover of NASCAR 2001, released in 2000.  He won the 2002 championship.  Then, Stewart adorned the cover of NASCAR Thunder 2004, released in 2003.  He went on to win the 2005 championship.  And most recently, Stewart was on the cover of NASCAR ’08, released in 2007.  Champion in 2009?  Take it to the bank.

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16 Responses to “Why Tony Stewart Will Win The 2009 Cup Championship”

  1. Garry Pacer says:

    I like you TC, but you are incorrect here. Tony will not win the championship ,and I will put my money where my words are. Would you like to bet $100.00. Waana make a wager? How should we do it? I want to be legal and everything..l..

    My logic, is, well, not based on logic, it is based on …. I dont like Tony Stewart ; ) is that enough? :) I am still willing to make a wager.

    Tony “crybaby” Stewart is the first, and loudest, whiner if he is wronged, yet he does the same things things on the track that he would be crazed about, if someone else did them to him. Plus, his sqeeky voice, while he is whining, is the worst.

    I am sure TS fans will have my head for saying thses things, but as I said, I will put my money where my words are.

  2. Measure says:

    Tony’s title chase could fall apart as quickly as Kyle Busch’s last year, but right now, I’m with you. All signs seem to be pointing to a Tony Stewart championship.

    Sure it’s still a Hendrick engine, giving Hendrick a 4-peat… but at least it isn’t Jimmy Johnson.

  3. rain says:

    Well, he certainly deserves to ( at this point)…but anything can happen. Luck is a factor in winning a Cup Championship. Look at the 18 team last year. I would like to see ANYBODY but the 48 team win!!!

  4. Christopher says:

    Out of 18 races, he’s really only had 2 races that were close to bad: 26th in Vegas, 17th in Bristol. Talledega’s 23rd: well, Talledega is often luck. And the 19th in Charlotte was because of the rain.

    If you remove these two races its 11 in a row with a top 10!

    Not excusing anything, just looking deeper into the numbers.

    However, I’d feel more comfortable saying “Tony is going to win it all” if he racks up a few more wins and gets himself a cushion going into the Chase.

    All of this being said- you never know what’s going to happen. Slumps, bad luck (he’s had almost zero!) could hit at the perfect wrong time. Like Kyle last year.

  5. Neon says:

    I’ll have to eat crow here. If you looked back through the TNI achives you’d see that I predicted Smoke would struggle mightily this year as an owner. Perhaps not knowing the depth of his associattion w/ HMS and w/ Darian Grubb and Bobby Hutchens at the helm may have led to my rash prophecy. But no excuses here as the 14 is indeed strong heading into the dog days of Summer.

    I’ll go way out on a limb here and forecast a HMS powered sled wins the Cup.

    On a side note: has Kyle made any comments on the 400 finish? The broadcast commentators (Kyle and Wally) gave him praise after the race for not saying anything on air, but oh do they realize what an opportunity lost that was?

  6. marc says:

    Pick who will win the Cup at this point?

    Not a chance in hell, you might as well look for Fool’s Gold and Unicorn turds as pick the champion now.

    There’s far too many races, blown tires and engines to come close aside from wild assed guesses.

  7. Ric says:

    I think Tony has a good shot at doing it this year. I have to admit #48 does a great job in the final 10 races, the ones that really count. At this point my crystal ball is telling me it will be a two horse race, decided at Homestead, between the #14 & #48.

  8. dragonfly says:

    I would hope you are wrong on this TC. I am REALLY pulling for Kurt Busch in 2009!!
    GO BLUE 2

  9. Garry Pacer says:

    Have you you or Journo ever done a website sponsored “Pick the Championship winner comtest”?

    Maybe you can have a rule that entrants must have at least one post before today, just to keep away any “rigged BS” and maybe the winner wins a……you could give the winner a uhmmm… ….heck I dont know…

    might be fun.

    If I had to pick now.,.I pick Mark Martin, because I like an underdog who is NOT an underdog, he is Mark Martin, and anything could happen. Mark is hungry, and it would be very kelw if he won…otherwise I might geuss one of the easy picks, JJ of JG.

  10. Garry says:

    oops, I did not realize that this website was aka “the Tony Stewart fan club” website, sorry to comment otherwise, my bad.

  11. T.C. says:

    Garry: What are you referring to?

  12. Garry says:

    hey TC, no big deal. I am new, and based on the site name, I misunderstood thinking you would favor all Nascar teams equally, but after no response to my contest suggestion “pick the winner”, and only replying when I said TonyToni….. and then seeing your articles of adoration for TS e.g. “Tony IS the best owner” and ….. “Tony WILL win the championship”and….. “Tony IS the smartest off track driver”…. while seeing you go after other owners/drivers etc etc ….it seems clear who you …. ah anyway…no big deal to me, but it is clear what is going on here..

    As I said no big deal, I now realize that I shouldnt talk drivers with you, because it is your website. In the future we should watch what we say about your pet driver.

  13. T.C. says:

    Garry: Haha, so you think that because I’ve written what I have that I love Tony Stewart? That’s a good one. I wrote this most recent piece on Tony because I thought the bit about the video game covers was kind of clever. And writing about Tony’s off track ventures isn’t really showing adoration to him.

    But if you feel that you cannot talk drivers here, and that you believe we are somehow biased towards one team or another, I guess that is your perogative. You know, we’ve written positive things about Dale Jr, multiple developmental drivers, and now Earnhardt Ganassi Racing too…

    That is funny though, and I guess that means you are a Tony Stewart hater. Sorry to hear that.

  14. Zieke says:

    C’mon guys, find something to write about. Tony is a great driver and leading the points. Maybe you should write an article about how Tony will fall apart in the Chase like Kyle did. Or maybe just go straight to weather forecasting!!!

  15. TraciG says:

    I thought the game covers was a unique tidbit, T.C. This blog could be very biased, but I think you guys do a good job of being neutral. I appreciate the insiders view into the sport.


  16. Nasgal says:

    I have to giggle. I am a Stewart fan, but I in no way think this site favors him. In fact I come here to enjoy the posting on all drivers and related sport developments.
    In fact if these guys were so Pro- Tony they would have made this prediction when he was lower in the points.
    If Johnson or Jr was in 1st place they might make that prediction, but the fact is that TS has been doing a great job when most, to include me, expected him to struggle. And if he does win the Championship it will make history. Now that is some NASCAR drama!

    Give Jurno and TC a break they do a great job, and I am greatful they take the time to do this site.

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