The Passing of David Poole

I can’t tell you how shocked I was when I heard earlier this afternoon David Poole had died. It is hard to imagine the NASCAR media without him. He will truly be missed.

I will write more about Poole this evening, but in the mean time I wanted to give people another forum for discussion.

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8 Responses to “The Passing of David Poole”

  1. Hugh Campbell says:

    While my thouights and prayers go out to his wife and family this should be a wake-up call to all those people out there who are obese. David joked about it frequently but never did a thing. Every time I heard him on the radio joking I thought that it was unfair to his family for him not to do anything about his problem.

  2. Irene says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Davids family and friends and coworkers. The sudden loss of a family member friend or coworker is deeply upsetting for all involved. I pray Davids family and friends know many of us care and just want them to know they are in our thoughts.

  3. Bobby#7fan says:

    I loved it when he was on “Tradin’ Paint”. He let his opinions be known, no matter if you agreed or not. That alone deserves a lot of respect.

    R.I.P David. Have a cold one with the Intimidator.

  4. Kyle says:

    Hugh: I understand what you are saying. But…Just because your obese or not does not dictate whether you will have a heart attack. A family member died last week. He farmed all of his life. Every single number, from blood pressure to cholesterol was perfect. His weight was considered very healthy. Some people can’t help the fact they are obese either. There are very serious health conditions that cause obesity.

    Anyway, Poole is and always will be one of my idols. He has aspired many future and current journalists. He has helped guide many of them as well that are new to the scene. He was never afraid to express his true opinion. He was not afraid of what people thought of his comments. He was one of the best. To die at 50 is very young. Shocked can’t even describe my feeling when I saw that he had died. I am very sorry for not only his family, but the motorsports family as well. I have been receiving many comments from everyone in the motorsports world about his passing. That just shows the amount of respect that everyone had towards him.

    R.I.P David

  5. I was driving home when I heard Chris Meyers mention his passing. He was always one of my favorite colleagues when I saw him in Fontana. I know that this life is hard for many of us to handle, but David always had a smile on his face, never compromised on his opinion and always stood by his reporting. He was a great colleague and I’ll miss him.

  6. ATS says:

    David Poole was a constant professional and will truly be missed in the sport and at the track.

  7. John Parker says:

    Man, this is sad sad news.. I was just listening Tuesday morning to the morning drive.. He was a good ole boy, and he will be missed… RIP David

  8. Marcus says:

    David was obese. He was not just a little over weight. He had a heart of gold but the weight killed him, no doubts from this poster.

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