Bored With The TV Broadcast?

Do you get bored watching the race on TV? Well you’re not alone. Millions of fans suffer this debilitating condition every time NASCAR takes to the banks of such exciting tracks as California and Michigan. Fear not! There is a cure for this. Turn on your radio!

Sorry, but I figured since this post was essentially going to be an advertisement I might as well start it off that way. To be serious though races like today’s even start wearing on me and I live and breath this stuff. If it hadn’t been for the rain, it would have been an essentially caution free affair. Once everyone gets spread apart, it is (and was) not too exciting.

While it perhaps is not the cure all, next time you get bored watching the race, try turning off the sound on your TV and turning up your radio. The guys and gals of MRN and PRN do a marvelous job of covering the race.

From Barney Hall, Mike Bagley, Winston Kelley and Dave Moody at MRN to Doug Rice, Steve Richards, Mark Garrow and Rob Albright at PRN, each brings decades of racing knowledge and distinctive voices and styles.

Not to mention these guys get so excited about what they do. They are constantly “on the chip” making anyone who is listening feel the same way. Even when the action on track, or on pit road is not that exciting, they manage to breath life into it.

Radio is not an easy business. Unlike TV you don’t have images to capture people’s imaginations and unlike print you can’t spell out for people what went on. It is up to you and your own voice and words to help bring an event to life. Through the medium though you have the extraordinary power to convey emotion and connect with the listener. This is something all of these guys are able to do very well.

So if you’re sick of the television broadcast, or you can’t be at home to watch the race, flip to your local country or classic rock station and check out racing action on the radio, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Blickensderfer Batting 1000

I couldn’t help but mention this; Drew Blickensderfer has a perfect Sprint Cup Series record. Sure the guy has only been Matt Kenseth’s crew chief for two races, but something must be working.

After a rough season with Chip Bolin, Kenseth has to be ecstatic at where he is at. It is still very premature in the season, but Kenseth and Blickensderfer could just be contenders.

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11 Responses to “Bored With The TV Broadcast?”

  1. Kevin says:

    Excellent post Journo – I couldn’t agree more.

    Your thoughts overlay with my own recent, personal experience.

    For two weekends in a row now, my family and I have been traveling by car and had a chance to listen to MRN.

    During the Daytona broadcast, my 15yo son made the pronouncement at one point that: “It seems like we are actually at the race Dad!” and “They [the announcers] seem really excited!”

    He was right on both counts.

    Dave Moody’s column in the March ’09 issue of Speedway Illustrated addresses this very issue too.

    Ultimately, we watched the end of Fontana on TV but I wish we’d remembered to turn the radio in our house on for the MRN broadcast…!

  2. RaceDriven says:

    First, I have listened to MRN and PRN instead of listening to the telecast, it does work, however not even those guys could have made last night’s race exciting, lucky for me I was with family and had plenty to talk about.

    Second, Drew Blickensderfer perfect Sprint Cup Series record…don’t you think that there is too much hype here and that sooner or later this talk will change to “What happened Drew, you were perfect”, I mean I am happy to see Drew and Kenseth winning and to say that they achieved 2-for-2 in the Cup series is huge, winning a race in the Cup Series is hard enough in the first place, let along winning two, but come on, it is way too early in the season for this.

    Third, I wonder what the Shelby 427 next week is going to be, just think. NASCAR fans have the drama of 27 extra miles, but in all seriousness, I just want to enjoy the racing.

  3. Tony Dowe says:

    Is there anyone else that is totally fed up with the continual use of “Digger” and family?
    The use of Digger was terrible at Daytona and marginally better, lack of, at Fontana.
    I’m embaressed for people like DW et all when this comes on as clearly they have to join in the show, but come on!

  4. MR.ED says:

    Could not agree more the calf & mich will put you to sleep I just DVR them and watch at 4times if I see racing breakout I push play. But even the trucks put on a snoozer which is I thought impossible.Calf needs to go For ? of the week why in your minds is the racing so boring at least to watch.

  5. Ross says:

    I absolutely LOVE to listen to the races on the radio but with satellite TV, there’s a few second delay so it doesn’t match up properly.

    On another note, I understand that NASCAR is doing whatever it can to make California interesting and that’s the whole point of “finishing under the lights” but there’s no way they’re going to get good attendance by doing that on a Sunday when people have to work the next day. And why would they ever consider going up against the Academy Awards?

  6. Charles says:

    I like Nascar on FOX! Its when the other TV Networks, ESPN etc carry it, is when I turn on the radio an listen!MRN and Performance do a great job on the radio!

    To me it was a good race Sunday! The race between Gordon and Kenseth was good! Glad to leave the wreckfest of Daytona and the restrictor plates!

    It is the Saturday races that Nascars competition directors need to vastly improve!

  7. Zieke says:

    It’s bad enough when you have boring TV announcers, but when the race is at certain tracks, it just gets that much worse. MRN is a great replacement for TV, especially DW and Digger. Those TWO were made for each other, and should both be in the unemployment line.

  8. missouriracefan says:

    Our race ritual is to get the Sirius broadcast in sync with the television because radio announcing always lags behind a little – a DVR is a beautiful thing. That is how we watch the race, television muted and listening to the radio. The calling of the race is lively and draws you in. However, all is not peachy. Radio does its own fair share of too many commercials and interviews during green flag racing. Although middle-aged I am relatively new to NASCAR; this is only my fourth year as a fan and an avid fan at that. I would love to see the race, no cartoons, no interviews, no tech segments, no crap. Don’t script the race like ESPN does and follow a driver lap after lap as he drives by himself simply because he is one of the ‘stars’ for the day and that is the one for whom you prepared stats and information. Simply show racing somewhere on the track. Often that is in the middle or at the back of the field. Those guys have fans also and are among the 43 best drivers of NASCAR, they would not be in the race otherwise. We have been fortunate to attend races at almost all of the NASCAR tracks and trust me something is always going on somewhere. It simply is not covered on television. I chose Jimmie Johnson as my driver when I started obsessing over NASCAR and he has rewarded me (and many, many others) with three championships. I am fortunate in that he is almost always covered during the races. But I also have a dozen other drivers that I try to keep tabs on during the race. That is next to impossible for some of them. I should not have to turn on the television, sync up the radio, log onto a leaderboard on my computer (to two different sites) in order to get race information..

  9. kenneth desbrough says:

    ha.i get tired of chris myers blowing smoke for 1 or2 hours and mike joy is not much better..put some one else in booth with hammond and larry mac and dw would be a lot better also. thanks rich

  10. MRN Fan says:

    I love MRN, but absolutely am sick of Doug Rice on PRN. If he would just announce and quit trying to be funny. He voice makes me gag….. Bruton, you need to make a change.

  11. dale says:

    That used to be an option but now the broadcast delay makes even turning on the radio and watching the TV with the volume down impossible.

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