Driver Websites: Do They Know its 2008?

So when I sat down to write my post tonight, I decided I wanted to get away a little bit from our normal groove of topics.  I thought “hey, a top ten best driver websites post might be fun.”  I was about to be in for a serious letdown.

What I ended up coming up with is sort of a top five best sites list and a top five worst sites list.  And to be honest, it was a bit of a struggle to find five good ones.  Since I like good news first, I’ll give you the top five best to kick it off.  Before I do though, my evaluations are based on just a first impression of the site.  I didn’t dig into features or interactivity or anything like that.  Also, whatever opinion I may have about the drivers was left out.  So here you go:


The first four were pretty easy.  They are all unique and have good eye candy.  I’ve got to say though, Jamie’s site just barely made this list.  There is definitely a gap between fourth and fifth here.  Just a quick note, a site that I would have included on this list is Jimmie Johnson’s site.  Only, it isn’t really his site. points to  This was supposed to be about driver’s sites, and since this one is really more the sponsor site, it was disqualified.

Moving on to the worst driver websites.  I’ve only got one word: wow.  I’m sure some very nice folks probably invested some serious time building these online homes, but where are these drivers’ business managers?  It isn’t 1994 anymore, its okay now to have a cool website.  Besides, I understand that a nice site costs a pretty penny, but its not like these guys don’t have the dough.  So without further ado, here they are, the top five worst:


I know that our site ( if you forgot) isn’t exactly on the cutting edge of blogs, but I think it serves us well.  I feel like its clean and easy to navigate.  I can’t say the same about our offenders above.  If I was a race fan searching out my favorite driver’s website, I’d want a slick place where I could hang out, get news, see some photos, or maybe catch a podcast or a blog.  These five just don’t deliver. 

In today’s corporate NASCAR, I feel like it reflects badly on drivers who have a crappy website.  I’m sure their sponsors are less then thrilled also.  More and more, the first place most of us go for information is the internet.  If you wanted to find out who this old guy is beating up on everyone at Pocono, and you went to Google and ended up at, you’d be seriously disappointed.

Now that this debacle is over, keep in mind that this certainly wasn’t a scientific exercise and I’m definitely no expert when it comes to web design.  I just pointed out the sites I liked, and those I didn’t like.  With that, I’ll open up the discussion.  What is your opinion on these sites?  Do you have a favorite driver site?  For those drivers that have poor websites, does it affect your opinion of them?  What do you want out of one of these sites when you visit?

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7 Responses to “Driver Websites: Do They Know its 2008?”

  1. Kyle says:

    Reuts is the worst. The top 4 are pretty close, they could be in any order. They spend a lot of time and money on their sites. Dale Jr’s is pretty good. I like it better then the bud website.

    I don’t agree, however, with Carl Edwards being in the top 5 worst. I think he has had the same design for a couple of years, although it ain’t the best, I don’t think it is really one of the 5 worst.

    But drivers that use uncommonthinking (Rowdy and June) are always the best. Every driver should have them do their site.

  2. Bette says:

    Last year Jamie Mac had a much better site…it was pretty cool…don’t care for this years design…

  3. DC says:

    I go to everyday and have no problem with the site. Im sure its not the best but the worst?????????????? Give me a break pal. Maybe you should have spent a little more time on this.

  4. MM Fan says:

    Don’t really know what you are talking about with the mark martin site. Obviously you are a hack or something, as on the site it says plain as day across the top (news, blogs, recaps, photos, video), it has everything you say it does not.

    It is extremely easy to naviagate and real fans don’t need flash and heavy metal music. The site is always up to date and full of news and insite and has a forum for all the fans to hang out and literally tons of behind the scenes blogs and pics each week.

    Next time take three seconds to pay some attention (it is free), before you blast your uneducated and uninformed opinion.

  5. admin says:

    MM Fan & DC: You are certainly entitled to call me a “hack.” I never claimed to be an expert on web design, I just thought I’d throw my two cents out into the universe. As I explained in the post, my rankings were based on a first impression of the site. I didn’t go into content or interactivity because those could be different posts on their own. I’m sure has a lot to offer, but there is no doubt the site is not as visually appealing as or

    If you are content with the design of, great. But I feel like the internet is about as visual an experience as it gets, and I want some eye candy. Especially from a high caliber driver like Mark Martin. And with so many visually stunning websites these days, I feel like his site is a detriment to him gaining new, young fans. Websites need to draw people in and give them a reason to stick around to discover that great content. simply doesn’t deliver.

  6. Kyle says:

    DC and MM fan, he was just writing on the design, not contents.

  7. Ransey says:

    Kansas race; When Mears was leading the race in the No. 5 car and caution came out. Everyone pitted except Mears. They had already ran 17 laps on the tires. Mears had the same amount of laps as the rest of the field had on there race car. Why he stayed out was under order from Rick Hendrick Chiefs. They want to see how many laps the tires would holdup. He did this in order to pass it alone to his other drivers. Therefore taking Mears out of a chance to win the race. Now to Mark Martin. He will not have a chance to win a championship. Who else would you want to drive your R&D car other than Mark. Check it out in the past 200 races how many drivers over 45 has won a race. Mark will be doing nothing more than driving No. 5 Hendrick R&D car. I hate that for Mark.

    Written Not Edited.

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